Another tail from down under

Such a colourful chap. And the bird's not too dull either mwah mwah mwah.

Craptions courtesy Nick


Skye said…
Oh, poor old Mr Macaw, I hope he escaped with his tail feathers intact (and that Boo didn't lose a hand)!
WendyB said…
My parents took me to a Parrot Jungle place when I was little, and I was scared of the big birds!
Anonymous said…
Those tails do look as if they were made to be pulled ...
Make Do Style said…
I'm loving your trip and tail pulling is a good sport!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you're having an amazing time. Was this in Queensland or Sydney? xx
Seeker said…
Too cute picture, and I agree, those tails do look to be pulled.... LOL

Enjoy your time my dear.

Anonymous said…
Hello again! So you're a Ballarat girl, huh? Apparently there's some excellent thrifting to be done in your lovely home town. Also - the Golden Age of Couture exhibition is currently showing at Bendigo Art Gallery. I highly recommend it if you didn't catch it last year at the V&A in London.

I've been lurking for a while and reading about all about your family life. Very interested as my husband did a project at uni years ago to create an interactive-game for autistic kids.

Looking forward to more posts this year.

p.s. Singapore Zoo is great - did you manage to get to the Bird Park?
Anonymous said…
p.s. Make Do Style got me on to your blog! xx
Lisamaree said…
Thanks everyone; yes Skye, the normally friendly Singapore Zoo ranger's smiles were faltering as I took that picture. Disclaimers were being written as we posed.
Wendy, not so much a bird person myself either, they look a bit like their dinosaur ancestors for me. (So Top Bird, we skipped the bird park but it was too hot by midday anyway)

Sal And Make Do: all animals are interactive entertainment in Boo's book. We had a discussion about taking a comb down to the hen house in Ballarat House to style up the Hen's crest.

Top Bird, nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by. Singapore Zoo is highly recommended. Very open plan and mostly less cruel animal enclosures and if you do feel guilty there are obligatory "Conservation" posters all over the place, telling you not to eat Bush meat or keep a pet Orang-u-tan.
Not sure that telling us to turn off our appliances is compensation enough for keeping two Polar Bears in 35 degree celsius. Although their enclosure looked very inviting; Boo wanted to jump in and go for a swim. (mercy!!)

Seeker: lovely to see you and great new headshot!

Jules said…
I just drop by to say i do really love the pic w/ some kind of a forest like that,and including the bird i just love it and it's color.
Nice pic and i like your blog.
Keep up the good work.