The Firestorm

Like a lot of you I am still feeling very sad when ever I hear the news on the radio. I have tried to imagine it what it was like for the special families who fled or didn't on Saturday 7th. - on the irishautism blog.

Many of my fellow aussie and fashion bloggers have posted on this so please check out Imelda, Super Kawaii Mama and Trish Hunter Finds.

Here, we were complaining about the snow. I had to collect the kids at lunchtime on Thursday as the school is on high ground and the snow was falling hard.

I might not have got the car in if I waited until hometime so, with the usual 30 minute drive taking well over an hour each way on the main, gritted roads, I got about an hour of work done all day.

On Sunday we didn't go out at all as even Greystones was snowed in. We were safe and warm and there was food enough in the fridge. Lucky us having the choice.

The people who died on Saturday didnt have that choice. Some died trying to escape. Many died in their homes having no warning as the flames out ran the warnings.

Many many more who did escape have lost everything. Everything but the clothes they put on that morning.

If you know anyone in the firezone, you can help. If they have lost everything you can give money; contact your local Red Cross.
You can also go through your own photo albums and copy or scan any that they might recognise. You can write to them to tell them how much you love them. You can put aside cds or books that you know have a meaning for them. Send a parcel, send a message, send love. Healing does come from within, but when you have lost everything you own; you need to have something to wrap your heart with.

Please show your love and help if you can.


photo credit The Herald Sun via Imelda


Anonymous said…
For all your U.S. readers, Hammie: I tried to donate to the Australian Red Cross yesterday and my card got declined ... still looking for a way to send a bit of monetary help from the States.
Elizabeth said…
Such tragedy. Fire works fast, destroys completely.

My heart goes out to all of Australia.
Nan P. said…
I know my Melbourne friend has family members living North of Melbourne, though not sure where exactly... I am waiting for an answer to my email to her... hoping all are safe.

As with any natural catastrophy, it's hard to imagine what it can be like, especially from the comfort of our own home. But to think some of these fires may have been started maliciously is CRIMINAL!
Lisa said…
Thanks Sal; the U.K. redcross have their site set up for giving in Sterling. Still waiting for a reply from Irish redcross - the euro we give will go further that way.
enc: too fast. Too Horrible.
Nan: Believe it or not these fire bugs are often volunteer firemen. Mentally ill of course. The professional fire brigades weed them out but in small community volunteer brigades where every hand is needed - it just isn't possible.

I think the aussie easy going attitude will change in the wake of this tragedy and we will have a post 9/11 approach to vigilance - See something? Say Something.

Lisamaree said…
oh and Nan: hope your family are safe and well too. xx
Seeker said…
This has been such a tragedy!!!
I've been thinking so much about it.
My prayers and thoughts are with all in suffering.


The Schutts said…
Hammie, I saw your comment on Trish Hunter Finds and I thank you for this post.

The overwhelming generosity and support to the victims of this tradgedy and distaster has been a wonder lesson in the triumph of the human spirit.

I also remember reading February Dragon as a little girl in grade four and it has always stayed with me.
Jules said…
that was so sad.
I hope and i believe that a lot of people will help.My prayers and thoughts are with all in suffering.
Trish Hunter said…
What a lovely comments on both of my posts!!
Thankyou for linking me.
I am so glad it didn't reach your sisters house!! So scary how many people it has reached.
I got onto the photo gathering straight away. Years ago I went through the box of kid photos that we kept under the stairs and stole a fair few. Dad knew and wasn't happy but I'm sure he will be when he see's what i've done.
My Uncle, my mum and my sister have all helped contribute with the photos they could get. I scanned about 280 photos in total and have put them into one of those photo books. I got one printed for each of us. It's my brothers 21st next year and I think it's something important to have, even if he does think its silly now.
Its weird thinking that its all the photos in the world that we have.
I can't wait to give it to Dad.
It was so so so hard not to blurt out that I made one for him when he visited.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again for your comments!!
They really were lovely.
Trish xx

Ps, haha I'm laughing about your parents house, i'm sure it would be heaven for me!! Be sure to notify me if they ever have a garage sale!!! :)