A much better day

Okay so it is a sappy "here comes the joke" multi-plex movie but it's got Morgan Freeman as God, Wanda Sykes, The Mum from The Gilmore Girls and it doesn't stoop to making fun of minority groups to get cheap laughs. So when "Evan Almighty" is on Sky Movies we watch it together for free.
And at the end, Boo and I do "The Dance" together. And Boo Does the moves.

I will tell you 3 facts about me:
1. I have small but perfectly formed ears
2. I have excellent feet
3, I Can Dance

Have a great weekend!


Cathal's Mammy said…
glad you are having a better day. You are so lucky you can dance, I can't seem to move my arms at the same time as my feet.

Thanks for the Release tip, I heard her on the radio a couple of weeks ago, and I heard that story. I have looked into it before, but for now, thankfully we don't need it.
Anonymous said…
Only getting to catch up on your blog today. God you're really going through the mill. Hope things improve for you soon. Glad to hear today was a better day for you. Sending out cyber hugs your way! Hope your sister is ok? xx
K.Line said…
I am entirely unsurprised by any of those facts! That's so sweet that you dance around together. Wouldn't it be great if you could remember these kinds of moments when those others are happening? :-) Too bad it's beyond any human ability!
Casdok said…
I bet Boo has some great moves!
Make Do Style said…
Thanks for food thing - I'm on lenten fast so not dairy or meat etc. except on a Sunday. I had a fried breakfast today!!
Prove it! Show us your dance!!!;-)
jazzygal said…
Do The Dance....now you are SOOOO talkin ma language!

What a fun thing to do. xx J
WendyB said…
I insist you post photos of your ears :-)
~Tessa~Scoffs said…
Am jealous about said ears. When I was about 15 I finally clued into the fact that my ears don't match. Two totally different ears.
Seeker said…
I must agree with LBR and WendyB... LOL
Prove all that you've said, the dance, the ears the feet.... LOL
Just trying to make some fun dear.

Hope everything is ok, lovely you

Lisamaree said…
Thankyou all of YOUSE for your good wishes. They really do mean the world to me.

As for video of me dancing. Not a hope.

The Ears: Maybe. But Wendy I neglected to mention that I have 1980s triple piercings so I would have to organise some Wendy worthy earings before I would send you a pic!

Anonymous said…
Never saw the movie, but the end credits look hilarious (right up my Munchie's street too) - will have to watch.
I insist also that you prove your ears worthy of the title and demand proof of the dance!!
I cant remember the last time I danced - Mr. Hennie and I shuffle round the floor (Mr. Hennie is not so good at the shuffling).
Glad the dust is settling - for a bit at least.
Much love to you all,

Lisamaree said…
Thanks Hennie, it is so nice to see you there posting again. And am delighted that you are feeling the love too!
Anonymous said…
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