Go Go Gadget parenting....

Boo took this photo on my iPhone during one of us unscheduled access visits. (after he ripped my Sony phone in half - I banned him from cellular technology)

It is from the film "Inspector Gadget" with Matthew Broderick; the live action version which sucked as far as I can tell.

I only just discovered it and am fascinated as to why he would photograph the kiss at the end of the film. He is all about Inspector Gadget at the moment (thanks to Disney and those insidious previews that they put on all their films) and we are having some interesting role play involving removing faces, and a lot of "Go Go Gadget Airplane/Parachute/Airbag etc."

He also says "you have to visualise it" meaning, I guess that someone tells Inspector Gadget how to control his gadgets by imagining what he needs.

So I say "Go Go Gadget Parenting"

Make something pop out that will help me to tolerate being bitten (hard) and being screamed at, just for resisting stereotypical "autistic" behaviours like rolling on the ground when asked to walk somewhere, or screaming for 60 minutes when asked to remove dirty day clothes and wear pyjammies.

What would come out of my head or other places to help me cope with a day like this?

Hopefully an attractive Irish barman with a winning smile, a double jammie (as in jameson, feck pyjamas) and ice in a schooner of water.

Can't think of anything else that would help.



Nonoy said…
Great post as always.Hope you visit my blog too...=)
Anonymous said…
OMG - we too went through Inspector Gadget phase (cartoon version not live one) and very often would get the "GoGo Gadget arm / rollerskate / helicopter" recital.

If that GoGo Gadget Parenting work - please do let me know !!!! could do with something similar.
Anonymous said…
Maybe several clones of yourself could pop out, to handle things in shifts? If only, right?
Make Do Style said…
The hard work will pay off one day - bless the hormones can't be helping but I'm sending moral support in lieu of nice barman - could do with one of those myself!
Lisamaree said…
Nonoy: Hi, nice to meet you.

grufaloMum: I loved the cartoon because I liked Don Adams (get smart)

Sal: I am thinking of becoming a stepford wife - do you know where I can get that conversion?

Kate: Thanks! A dark irishman brought me a whiskey lastnight. It does get better.
jazzygal said…
Keep visualizing!
Seems to be working so far.....with the Irishman & whiskey thing anyway. U got ur own homespun Irishman!

Hope things get a bit easier. xx J
Te said…