I love a good march I do....

One of the hardest things about Autism is that you can't touch it. You can't put your finger on the one thing that defines it and say - this is Autism.

Instead you spend a lot of time worrying and then feeling guilty for being the one to suspect that there is anything wrong with your child - you feel you are betraying them.

So when you finally get around to seeking out some answers, the last thing you need is an 18 month waiting list for diagnosis.
Or some drongo handing out reasons like "you're just a bad parent"

"Your kids watch too much TV - particularly (and specifically in my case) - Teletubbies!"

"you must have eaten the wrong things, had too many fillings, used the wrong shampoo, had too much wine - while pregnant"
(if I didn't have too much then, I have made up for it now!)

And my favourite (at the moment) is "you do too much Facebook- that causes autism"

Autism is "So Hot Right Now" that it seems everyone has an opinion (meaning soundbite)

And Parents Don't need it!!!

As my my blogger friend Dr Wende said:

"I wonder how much less "wreckage" there'd be if parents got to skip the self-blame step and go straight to coping. That doesn't mean I think day-to-day coping is easy... but sheesh... self-blame (especially unnecessary self-blame) makes everything harder."

So now it's time to straighten things out-

Saturday 28th March 2009.
TEMPLE Tube Station

Bagpipers will lead us off at 2pm from Temple Place (Behind Temple Tube Station)
via Victoria Embankment, Bridge Street, and Parliament Street to Whitehall,
stopping shortly at DoH HQ Richmond House,
Then on to deliver Mandates at Downing Street.
Delegated parents and children will be met by Maggie Darling and taken to No 11 to meet The Chancellor Alistair Darling
then onto the Strand and Duncannon Street ending at Trafalgar Square

Bring banners. Bring placards. Bring your family.
Represent someone who can’t attend.
Mark this important date in your diary:
Meet Up Temple Place 1.30 pm Saturday 28th March 2009
Rally Finishes 4pm

For more information go here.

And to my london based fashion bloggers; if you could find the time to catch the tube to Temple and add my feet to the masses by proxy, I would be much obliged!

UPDATE: Casdok has posted a lovely album on Facebook with Cas and C marching today! Big smiles, so proud!


K.Line said…
Damn, you gotta get your ass to London for the weekend! (It's engagement!) That's a great idea. Maybe you'll start one in Ireland?
Casdok said…
Yes thats a good idea - do one in Ireland!

Must finish my banner and then i am off to the march!
Seeker said…
I agree with K and Casdok, maybe you could start one in Ireland....

And I think I understand you dear, everybody has something to say even if they had just heard about something they become experts.
Like I hear about Alzheimer's.....

Oh I just laugh with the "you do too much Facebook- that causes autism". It really is for laugh, isn't it????

Have a great weekend, love

Luv ya

Woo-hoo, now that's a march I can get behind! xx
Clive said…
Hey, if we had known about that march earlier - it would have been a good reason to spend the weekend in London. Little man's mum is always looking for an excuse to travel somewhere. Hope the march is a huge success - we'll watch the BBC news tonight to see if it is featured.
Lisamaree said…
You know - I think we all got a bit marched out during the big ABA campaign. A lot of taking to the streets 2 years ago when we were stirring that pot! (yep, it's been 2 full years since then)

Cas, I am so proud of you and C. Can't stop smiling!
Make Do Style said…
Gosh - only just caught this due to work and other matters. Look I know precious litle about autism (but a lot more thanks to you) and I know autism is not 'caused' by anything. Whether we like it or not genes and coding have too much call on all manner of things from hips to headaches. I do despair that people can't be matter of fact about mental health disease, or epilepsy or autism or anything that doesn't neatly fit into the broken toe, blood spurting, or physical nature of disease/disorder.

Had I known about the march I would have loved to have stomped my pieds for you. And of course you can use my first name!!
Candice DeVille said…
"You do to much Facebook?" WTF? That would be outrageous if it wasn't so hysterically funny. Did you come back with, "Yeah man, that baby crack will really F&*k them up."
Jules said…
Great post!
Thanks for sharing us this info..;D
"you do too much Facebook-that causes autism"?? is it true?!=)
Lisamaree said…
Kate: Thanks and I meant to comment on all the london based blogs in time but got waylayed by life as usual.

I read Casdok's blog and it seemed to go off well, united all the disparate autie groups behind some very poorly thought out bagpipers!

Summer and Supermama: there is a "cause" a week practically because it makes good copy and if it is a slow news day the media pick it up.

But SuperMama! I love that comment, I will be sure to use it v.soon.

Are you kidding us with the Face Book thing? Did someone really say that? I am sure you hear stupid things all the time. Perhaps you could play a stupid things people say about autism game and every time someone says something stupid you have a drink. No, that would be bad as you would likely be drunk a lot of the time.
Nick McGivney said…
I'm with La Belette. Facebook is the new evil? That's Google propaganda if ever I heard it! What a load of shite. And if you do organise a march here I'll come. Facebook. Hahahahha.
Lisamaree said…
Thanks Everyone!

And in honor of La Bellette I am settng up a facebook group called:

"Half Arsed Things that People tell You Causes Autism"
it is a cross continental drinking game and whenever someone posts a new stupid reason on the wall, we all get a drink.

I am honoured to have inspired such a n important international project. I want to be the first one to join. Perhaps I will start a group for "all the stupid reasons people tell me why I didn't get pregnant drinking game".
For you I'll gladly march, anywhere-anytime...providing you cover the costs of Imelda's security detail.