I recently got my first Mac....

And it won't print.


jazzygal said…
Ha Ha Ha! Well, that got my Sunday off to a flying start! Thanks for sharing!

BTW the letters T.C. are part of my bebo address....for Techno-Challenged! xx J
K.Line said…
This is hilarious! So sorry to hear about your computer moment. It will resolve!
Summer said…
I like your post friend.And i'm with K-line..;D
Have a nice day..;D
The Seeker said…
Hilarious and I wish I could help you... but it will be soon solved.


My MAC is one year old and I still love it. I hope your soon starts to behave. And, I LOVE Eddie. I am not at all surprised to see that you are a fan too.
I want to thank you again for your nice bday note. It stuck with me and really made me smile. Thank you, Sweets!
Nan P. said…
Thank you for the laugh, I needed this...

I can SO identify with it... I just HATE IT when things don't do what they are supposed to do... I talk to them, plead with them, give out to them... and usually no effect... of course! I must be off my head!
I told you not to trust the knackers, they've sold you a Dell with a Mac sticker on it...LOL
Hammie said…
Yep Eddie is hilarious alright. Check out Cake or Death too. (Cake Please)

Update: I am having techno joy as I downloaded Open Office for FREE! which has all the windows office stuff equivalents and talks to the printer.


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