Spread the Word to End the Word

I know some bloggers are going to talk about "political correctness gone mad" and say that if you respect people you can use whatever words you want.

Bullshit. If you know a word hurts, don't fecking use it.


Nan P. said…
John McGinley has put it so well, with his embrassing gesture, and his punching gesture.

I agree with you Hammie, if you know a word hurts, don't F...'ing use it!

The latest I heard was from a woman, who should know better because of her professional training, who said about one single aspect of Cathal - whom she never met, by the way! - "of course, he is delayed"... I was shocked. How could she pass such judgement, just because he has DS? How does she KNOW??? I pointed out that, though I am not kidding myself, in this particular instance, he is not delayed... So there! F...ing Ignorant woman!
K.Line said…
I love this clip, Hammie. Spread the word, indeed!
Anonymous said…
My oldest son (with AS and ADHD)asked me recently "Mam, am I special needs?"
I explained that of course he was, how could someone so special not have special needs.

Really hate the "R" word, gets on my tits!!

jazzygal said…
Amen to that!

I believe it's a word that's just part of the American vocabulary and used as part of everyday language. Mostly, that is. It's time for some re-education!

There are some of course who use it in a derogatory fashion. To them .... don't feckin use it!

I can't stand the word...or the word handicapped. The H word was used by our Psychologist once. I was horrified.

It's hard when they know they're a little different, isn't it Hennie? It's good they have the language to express it though.... at least then they can be re-assured. They are very special indeed!

Well done Hammie for raising awareness!xxx J
Jules said…
Good work Hammie.;D
I love this post.