Cool Camera Phone - Trick!

I got my iPhone back yesterday *kneels in prayer* and while I am trying to re-install all my bits via the pc, which is full of junk downloaded by Boo; I got bored and started looking at blogs.

And since I have been using the new Tocco from Samsung to film Bratty and Boo doing their thing (excellent camera) I really enjoyed this clip from Darragh Doyle

and how did they do it?

Yes, these people really understand viral marketing. Stay tuned for more.....



Sal said…
Hahaha, I NEVER would've guessed it.
Clive said…

We love it!
The Seeker said…
LOL so funny...

Nan P. said…

So clever!
jazzygal said…
hahah...Deadly, as Snugggles would say... or Class!! xx J
Summer said…
Amazing..=) Hope to see more from you.Looking forward on your next post.have a great day ahead.=)

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