Last Weekend -

Forgive the delay in blogging;

I had all this planned for last Monday and a whole day to do it. Then when I was coming OUT of the school AFTER drop off, two cars crashed in front of me and one of them richocheted off my front bonnet.

I was fine, but one of the drivers of the other car had a dodgy back so was taken away in an ambulance and then we all had to wait for the Guards (police)

Then I wasn't fine, because the other driver (at fault, perhaps mentally unstable) decided to leave the scene before the cops arrived (illegal in the event of an injury) and did I mention he was a Pikey with a Pikey son who was very aggressive?

So for once I just rang my Mr Hammie and said "please come and help me" and then had a little cry behind my Jacqui O's.

There were two lovely witnesses who were passing at the time of the accident, who waited with me for almost an hour, just to tell the guards whose fault it was, (we formed a gang) and my car was driveable at least.

Eventually a motor cycle guard turned up in head to toe leathers, he cautioned the Pikeys and made aggressive son sit in his car, then told me and wife of injured party that the Pikey was fully insured, and fully responsible (thank God!!!) so to go and get quotes for repair.

He even phoned me later in the week to check I was okay. I was sad than my new Qashqai was dinged up, but lucky because the Micra would have been a Squashqra, and maybe I wouldn't have walked away.

So here is last weekend's events, in pictures.

Mr Hammie was working last Saturday - this is unusual as he is very much a full time Dad and spends all weekend taking Bratty to all her favourite places, repeatedly, while I stay home with Boo and get a few things done.

So this week it was up to me to entertain the princess,
and it took a few tries to work out what she liked....

First I tried out Mt Usher Gardens in Ashford. - Nope!

Then we drove up to Devils Glen,
She did not want to get out of the car and she didn't want to get Papped either!
(note Merlin Motors logo on rear window, they sponsor Irish Autism and sold me my lovely car)

I made her get out and she gave out to me the whole way round the path -
in between bolting off on her own into the forest.

Cheered up slightly by Cadbury Buttons...
(I am very cheered by new purple handbag too)

Finally something she liked, and yes she went in up to her knicks!

IN the afternoon I swapped children (I had an angel in the house all day) and took Boo for his compulsory computer break; back up to Devils Glen, but this time on the Seamus Heaney walk.

Devils Glen is full of pointless art hanging from tree trunks, some of it is actual tree trunks. Seriously, you could go for a pee behind a bush only to find someone had put up a plaque beside the puddle.

It is however virtually dog free, (or the only dog owners who use it are considerate ones)

and Boo can have a fantastic scramble around doing what Boys do - without me having to wash his sandies with dettol and boiling water afterwards.

At the top of the hill you can sit here and have a rest. It says:

"As I drew close to the pebbles and berries, the smell of wild garlic,
relearning the acoustic of frost
and the meaning of woodnote"
Seamus Heaney 1984.

(Whereas the smell of wild garlic just makes me hungry for noodles)

So Sunday, life was back to normal !

Into town for Noodles at Wagamama with Boo

Then Iced Coffee (Bratty at home with Angel)

Then back to the Glen for a family walk.

The Sun is shining so no more blogging!

I hope you have a lovely weekend - see you soon I hope?



Make Do Style said…
Oh good glad all ok after pikey car crash. They're probably near me at moment as all the pikeys in UK and Ireland descend for the Derby!
Great photos and am very jealous of Seamus Heaney walk and seat x
Skye said…
What are pikeys? And how can we stop them crashing into Hammie? So glad you came out of it ok!

Your weekend looks utterly fabulous, and now I'm craving garlic noodles...
Unknown said…
You put me to shame with all you cram into a weekend :P You must have carved a path of your own into the Glen at this stage lol. Love the pics :) xx
Clive said…
Can't believe it - a new car and you get two eejits crashing into each other and bouncing off your car! But lucky you had a decent car for them to crash into, at least you were safe!

Last weekend looked action packed and fun! Can't believe how grown-up both of them are getting!

Hope this weekend is good and accident free!
Casdok said…
Super photos. And so glad you are ok, sounds a bit of a nightmare.
Nan P. said…
What an adventure, and not one anybody wants to have. Hope the car gets fixed real quick.

Lovely photos, beautiful places...
Lisamaree said…
Hi Skye: I have added a wiki reference for Pikeys, hopefully that will explain things.

Kate: no bare knuckle fighting now okay?

Tracy: it's not just Bratty who is a bit Hyper, I need the activity as much as her.

Clive: I was lucky the kids weren't in the car. And this weekend is fabulous!

Cas: all taken on the iPhone! and I am fine thanks.

Nan: Aren't we clever to be living in the Garden County hey?
K.Line said…
Scary car accident experience! But gorgeous family photos. Bratty is looking particularly lovely.
Anonymous said…
It is Sunday morning now and after reading your blog I feel utterly ashamed - after 10 years in South Dublin don't even know where most places you mention are! I was planning a picnic in the mountains (Enniskerry being the usual victim) but today might try to locate Devil's Glen on the map and have a look at the masterpieces.
Oh good gawd, so pleased to hear you're relatively OK. What an ordeal!

Loved the pics from the Seamus Heaney walk - especially the bit where Cadbury Buttons makes everything come good. xx
I am so sorry about the accident and thrilled to hear you are fine and your car is drivable.

The weekend outing looks lovely. Speaking of lovely, I love Mr. Hammie's outfit!!!Cute!:-)
Nonoy said…
I thought you are not going to post anymore.=( But now,you are back! With a great story and wonderful photos.=) Hope everything is ok now.And hope to see more from you,have a great day.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo
Elizabeth said…
You've had an interesting few days!

I'm sorry about the accident, and I hope things go easily and well from here on out.

Unknown said…
Those are lovely photos..Thanks for sharing, and look like your kids do had fun.;D Looking forward on your next post.;D

Travel and Living
Job Hunter
jazzygal said…
So sorry to hear about your car Hammie....but so glad to hear you're ok.
Not good to have any involvement with those I've learnt too! The Guards know well how to handle them, they know in a blink which tribe they're from and how dangerous they are. the ones who got Scamp are from a well-known (dangerous) tribe in Bray!
great that 2 passersby stayed with you.

Great photos too....I recognise the playground too! No trip to greystones Beach is complete without it!! xx J