Meet Bratty

Here is my little Catherine Ernshaw as Sister Wolf called her when she previewed it.
And yes I can imagine Bratty at the window yelling at me; except she would be demanding to go to McDonalds and Sandycove for a wild and windy walk along the seafront.

Forgive the blogging hi-jack; my brainy son knows the password to blogger and got in yesterday morning to post on my blog instead of his. Will have to change it now. If you enjoyed my "Guest Blogger" go directly to Boo's Blog . He types what he has learned phonetically off the myriad DVDs that he watches, so enjoy.

But back to my little singing princess...



Nan P. said…

As for the hi-jack, I wish I could remember "anything" off by heart... I'm so hopeless at it. Good on you Boo!
K.Line said…
I wondered about that! And Bratty is such a gorgeous girl. Look at her hair!
Make Do Style said…
Loved the hi-jack, great typing!
How ethereal is Bratty - so bewitching!

And I had to laugh about the jeans comment. Yes the FC high waisted ones could go all wrong - but thankfully with hard work and a hot wash there is no need to panic about an Imelda Matt comment!
Clive said…
She has got so grown-up looking - she's just beautiful!
Jules said…
Oh she's so pretty.;D
Thanks for sharing,have a great workweek.;D And happy mothers day..;D
Unknown said…
yay,lovely.Happy mothers day to all moms out there.Looking forward on your next post.=)
jazzygal said…
Well done Bratty...... clever AND pretty!! xx Jazzy
Te said…
:O totally, totally looks like Cathy! I can just imagine Bratty running wild over the moors.
Tulippy said…
She's lovely, enjoyed the posts yesterday, go Boo!
She is sooooooo beautiful( takes after her Mum). That hair! That skin!!
LOL @ your hijacking. Lily often tries to hijack my blog but has not thumbs and so her typing is a bit crap.
Seeker said…
Soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!
I think she has to be with a beauty like mom :)

All the best