My Bratty Girl Gracie

It is not as dramatic as knowing what day of the week a date is, but it sure means as much to us.

Bratty didn't say a word until she was 6, and that was as a result of home based Verbal Behaviour, PECs and very skilled differential reinforcement - all coming under the umbrella of A.B.A.

It was nothing to do with speech therapy as we were in a school that didn't provide it. (Back Then) So don't despair if your child is not talking yet - it will come. Bratty can use 3 words together to request things which most people will understand. But she also uses her PECS as a back up when she thinks you don't understand (or she isn't getting her own way).

I filmed this on my new Tocco phone which has a touch screen a bit like the iPhone. Bratty can search for the videos independently and then play them. She actually prompts herself to say the next word of the song....


Yup, O2 got me the phone after I spotted it and asked if I could try out the video thingie. I have been trying to film Bratty for about 5 months but never have the camera out at the time when she is willing to co-operate. And as you can see, this works!