This Weekend!

Pouring Rain this weekend. So a lot of fugging around in my dressing gown while Mr Hammie took Bratty to McDonalds, Tesco and then home.

She wanted the beach but the waves are about 6 feet, so I compromised with a swim at the Glenview.

My otter in the baby pool. She can swim in the big pool too.

Then into town for the usual while Bratty stayed with Angel at home.
ebi kare lomen, ebi Katsu x 12 and terriyaki steak soba

And now Bratty has plans for this. She can say it as she points to the picture on the iPhone,
which is very powerful. But it is bucketing down.... so I am prevaricating.

I have been talking about this promotion on my work blog. I would be much obliged if you could share the link or logo via your blogs or tweets. And if you are in Ireland and in the market for a smart phone - well this one is pretty sweet. And ten euros from each one sold goes directly to autism groups around the country. That is every phone sold, whether you get it free on a plan or pay as you go.

80% of these kids deal with some kind of speech delay which may or may not last until adulthood. More than half of our groups fundraise just to provide adequate access to speech therapy to allow these kids their right to communicate their needs and wants. That's right; they have to organise bucket collections, cake sales and pub quizzes just to give their kids a voice.

My own Bratty has very limited speech at 9 but great communication skills, if she could talk she'd tell you.... Do what you can!

with thanks to mulley for reminding me how much I like the lemon heads, and to Nick for trumpeting the cause already.


K.Line said…
It's been gorgeous here the past 2 days - a gift given how crap the weather usually is - I mean, has been for the last couple of years. Tomorrow is apparently going to suck and be freezing (hmmm, how different!) and I'm bummed because I'm supposed to go on this garden tour I've been waiting a year for. Ah, at least those rainy days let us sit in our jammies and drink a lot of coffee without feeling like we're wasting our lives :-) Kids are looking so cute, H!
Clive said…
Have to say it again - can't believe how grown up the kids are getting!

Would post that link on my blog but nearly all my followers are outside of Ireland so don't think they'd be of any benefit. Great deal though!

Love that video!
Make Do Style said…
Gosh I have to say how calm and delightful both Bratty and Boo are looking (not to be read in pompous aren't you doing well way - I mean they look like are feeling /projecting that aura!!). They are growing up and filling out in a lovely healthy way. It's just the changes are apparant via the photos.
Yes this sudden damp squid weather is a nightmare - I want sunshine tooxx
Sister Wolf said…
What beautiful photos! I used to have a Lemonheads album!
WendyB said…
Makes me want to go for a swim too.
pamela said…
Just saw Mr Hammies leaving tescos, so i can vouch for u for that 1. The kids are looking so grown up alright, so much so that I am going to just bite the bullet and call in this week. How does tomorrow suit? Will try other methods of communication too..
jazzygal said…
Ooops...made my comment on the playground on the wrong post!!

Never rains but it pours eh? car crash last weekend rainy weekend the next!

I too cannot believe how grownup your 2 are. My God...Bratty looks like a pretty young madam and boo like a handsome young man! xx J
Casdok said…
Looks like you had a lovely weekend.
Communication is such a huge area for our kids. Good promotion.
Your otter makes me want to go for a swim. Looks you had a lovely weekend.

I wish you lots of luck with your promotion. I hope oodles of money is raised.
Jules said…
The pool make me want to go back at the beach..=O Great photos too. Looking forward on your next post.=)

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