To Stephen Gately. We will miss you. xx

We are very sad to hear the news of Stephen Gately's passing today.

I met Stephen  and watched him perform a live concert with Boyzone for my charity; Irish Autism Action and my kid's school; Saplings Rathfarnham,
at The Keith Duffy Masked Ball in December 2008

It was a difficult economic time. The banks were in trouble, companies were going to the wall and no one wanted to be seen spending money. But the promise of a Boyzone concert ensured we sold all our tables and helped keep my kids'school going for another year.
All the Boyz and their families were there for the dinner and auction, just one table away from ours.

I think at one stage they were bidding against each other in the Auction to get the prices up.

And Boy did they put on a fantastic show at the end.

As sad as this is for all of us, our heartfelt condolences must go to his husband, his family and dear friends.
Stephen, may your spirit be in a good place. Thank you for the good you brought to the world.
We will miss you. xx


Casdok said…
Very sad especialy as he was so young.
Andra said…
This is so shocking, My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew and his family at this tragic time. Rip Stephen you will be missed:(
Petunia said…
I still can't take it in. It is such a tragedy and hard to believe that he's no longer here. He will be sorely missed by his friends and families and his loving husband Andrew. The world has lost a true and kind person. Rest in peace Stephen xxx
Nan P. said…
Hammie, I just heard as I turned on the radio for the 1 o'clock news. And I thought of you straight away, remembering this event you described so excitedly last year. I am not much of a Boyz's fan, but someone so young passing away so suddenly is just not right. It does not sit right with me, it does not seem fair.

Very sad indeed.
Lisamaree said…
No Nan, it just doesn't. xx
Make Do Style said…
It was a shocker, bless him.
Jean said…
What loss to us all. My heart is broken for Stephen's husband and family. XXX
Elizabeth said…
I'm sorry to hear it.
jazzygal said…
So, so sad. Shocking and SUCH a waste. I didn't hear til late yesterday evening and I'm still shocked.

RIP thoughts and prayers to Andrew and his family. xxJ
Seeker said…
Just passing to know if everything is well with you dear and wish you a nice time.
Take care, lots of love

Clive said…
Another 'too young' death - this past week has been very hard.
Jules said…
He's still young but we can't do anything about it. May he rest in peace.

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