Grace - Picture Exchange For Autistic Children with Thanks to O2

Grace - RTÉ News Six One from Steven Troughton-Smith on Vimeo.

Grace - Picture Exchange from Steven Troughton-Smith on Vimeo.

Steven Troughton-Smith

Original Artwork by Mary Moroney, edited by me on

App features developed by Grace, interpreted and created by Steven Troughton-Smith

Project supported by O2 Corporate Responsibility - thanks Sinead!


Jean said…
Yeah...thanks to O2 maybe (don't mean to be cynical, but big market here)...the heart and soul of this revolution lies within you my darling XXX us mammies know this xxx
Anonymous said…
what a great idea, congratulations to whoever came up with it.
Clive said…
Congratulations Lisa - to you, Grace, Steven and O2. A superb initiative.
violeta said…
Oh My God...
Congratulations on this amazing achievement. Well done - how do you do it I'll never know but hundreds of families will be saying a prayer for you next and subsequent years. And of course thanks to O2 - I am switching next week.
Cathal's Mammy said…
well done Hammie :-)
This is such a great communication tool that you've come up with. And it gives me the perfect excuse to get a new phone, even if Cathal is a little young right now to use it ;-)
The Seeker said…
OMG I think this is such a great tool. Well done, beautiful!!!!!

Sister Wolf said…
This is so fabulous I dont even know what to say! You effing rule. Grace is amazing. I bow down to the two of you. xoxo
Anonymous said…
Well done Lisa & Grace, that some achievement.

Mossy Mu
Sal said…
Hammie, I cannot BELIEVE that I missed this and had to wait until Sister Wolf called my attention to it. You are beyond brilliant, and a bona-fide world-changer. Congrats, and fingers crossed that the school trials go well!

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