Mary and Max

Just watched this movie with my niece and nephews in Australia. That's right, we all sat in the living room and watched a film together. And it was lovely.

This - from The Sydney Morning Herald:

"Elliot based the film partly on his own life. For 20 years he has corresponded with a New York man who has Asperger's syndrome. In the movie, this is Max Jerry Horovitz, a 44-year-old Jewish man (voiced by Philip Seymour Hoffman) who weighs 150 kilograms and lives on chocolate hot dogs. Elliot is now 37 so he must have been about 17 when the pen-pal relationship began. In the movie, his alter ego is a lonely eight-year-old girl, Mary Daisy Dinkle ........."

Look it up and rent it. xx


Iheartfashion said…
My son Max is dying to see this! Looks great.
WendyB said…
You had me at chocolate hot dogs.
Jean said…
sounds lovely xxx
Nick McGivney said…
Waaah! WendyB said my bit! Bring one home for everybody. No, not the choccie hot dogs. Although....
The Seeker said…
Wow, sounds really lovely and funny.
So you're on Australia my dear, I hope you had a safe and nice trip. And how's the two in Ireland?
Hope all is great with all the family.

Much love to you, darling

Are you still here? Offers of thrifting in Melbourne are still on the table. :)
Jules said…
will this even be shown in the Philippines?! I was thrilled! Thanks for sharing :)

- Jules -
The Brown Mestizo
fashion herald said…
Ahh, I love a good recommendation to put on the queue, thanks!

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