Home again Home again - A few pics

I will save the thought provoking essay for a time when my eyes are not threatening to go on strike
but instead I will share with you the few photos I managed to take while on my annual trip home to Aus.

Singapore Zoo, 1/1/2010
My attempts at Zebra Therapy continue:

We arrived at the zoo at 5:30pm after Boo declined to leave our hotel room any sooner. So missed the normal days entry but a lovely girl in the help desk let us in for free for a look around before the "Night Safari: started at 7pm.
We had such a good time going around in the empty zoo, that by the time 7pm arrived we were ready to go home. Highlights of the evening? A giant snail making its way towards an exotic plant by the light of the lanterns, some kind of tree shrew that was hopping around on the WRONG side of the enclosure which freaked me out entirely. And an impromptu dip in the waterplay area by Boo, surrounded by off duty ponies from the petting zoo.
Absolutely poured rain at times but it all added to the tropical experience and it was a nice wind down from our weeks away.

Boo and the scented edible garden. First time we have noticed this in Singapore Zoo.
 We actually took shelter under a Banana leaf at one stage. They work.

Deco thoughtfully ponders the merits of Oliver over Annie as discussed by Boo. Or as we say:


Well we would have if the gobshites in Pipers on the Lake had managed to bring us some, or even the Diet Coke and Iced Coffee we ordered and PAID for up front. We waited 15 minutes before giving up and walking out. (after getting a refund)

More about that event later.....


drwende said…
So cool to get the zoo to yourselves!

Those photos are downright seductive.
Clive said…
We were in Dublin Zoo on Tuesday - virtually on our own, okay, it was freezing cold but it was the best experience ever! The NSLM loved being there with no-one else around - even agreed to try out the playground - for the first time ever!

Not as exotic as Singapore Zoo but the same lack of people made a huge difference!
Jean said…
Looks lovely hun...wow, your own personal zoo! Love Boo's hat! xxx
Jen said…
Love the pics, more please when you get a chance:) Like the personal zoo visit too, some very nice people in Aus! Jen
K.Line said…
Aren't the most beautiful experiences the ones we never imagine before they happen? There you were, probably fretting the loss of daylight to experience the zoo, when getting there late gave you all the joy with NO CROWDS! Love that. And my word verification is "linger"!!!
Casdok said…
Impromptu dips are the best!!
jazzygal said…
Hey Hammie!! Welcome back.

Pics are fab and can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Ahh....Musicals!! Gotta pick a pocket or two...eh? Fab! xx Jazzy
Taz said…
welcome back hammie! We went to Dublin zoo one day in the lashing rain and had the best visit ever - an orang utan put his hand up against Button's through the glass of his enclosure! Delighted you had a good time - looking forward to more pics!
Elizabeth said…
Nice trip to the zoo! :)
Nan P. said…
Welcome back Hammie girl and Boo boy.

But are you sure this was a wise move...? I mean, Australia and summer heat, Singapore and tropical showers... Have you seen the artic weather we have here at the moment?

In any case, it's nice to read you again.
Petunia said…
Great pics! Can't wait to see more of your holiday. Must have been amazing to be in a virtually empty zoo :) xx
Make Do Style said…
Can't wait for more. Hope it was a good trip all round and slow service is the MOST annoying thing on the planet!
"Zebra therapy" may be my favorite phrase of the day. So happy you had such a lovely trip. I have missed you. Happy 2010, dear Hammie!xoxo
Peeking rabbit said…
I've been in a scented garden before. Well two that I can remember but I don't ever remember them been labled edible. Does that mean you're allowed to sample bits by picking them off, or does it only mean they are edible but "HANDS OFF" :D.

Who is Deco?

How did you get into the zoo alone for free none the less. Do people at the gate usually have that sort of power to let who they choose in for free? I wish I lived near a zoo so I could try that.

Why did a treeshrew on the wrong side freak you out. They only eat fruit, insects and small vertebrates etc.

Is the waterplay area meant for humans or ponies or both?
Lisamaree said…
Phillip: we could pick and tear and do whatever in the scented edible garden. There were however some non-edibles which were paper mache versions of small things like coffee beans that they wanted us to have a better look at. Boo had a taste.

Who is Deco? - Deco is my 17 year old nephew who is Boo's greatest friend in the world. He has his Learners Permit and drove me everywhere this holiday. He is the best.

How did you get into the zoo alone for free none the less. People at the gate ALWAYS have that power. They just choose not to exercise it mostly. The zoo was still open but they stop letting people enter after 5:30pm just to give them a chance to look around before it does close. We got a really nice person on the right day.
For your interest the staff at Dubbo Zoo did a similar thing for us n 2002 when I drove from Brisbane to Melbourne and stopped in Dubbo to visit the Western Plains Zoo. Myself, Boo and Bratty got Gastro, so we only managed a short visit each day, but they let us in for free after Day 1. We went 3 days in a row.

Why did a treeshrew on the wrong side freak you out? It was getting dark and I don't like Rats, Squirrels or any small mammals really. Particularly when it is dark and I am not expecting them to be outside of a cage.
Singapore zoo is so lush and tropical it actually attracts wild life - including snakes!

Is the waterplay area meant for humans or ponies or both?

The waterplay area is beside the petting zoo which is an area for small children. The Ponies were in their enclosures but off duty as all of the kids had gone home. They seemed to be watching Boo but they don't have much else to do.

However, I think the concept of putting the Ponies in the WaterPlay area during opening hours is brilliant and one that should be investigated further.