My Seven Scrappy Do's

A while ago, the lovely La Belette Rouge tagged me for a Scrappy Do - or a little me ME about myself.
There are also a few "sevens" going around in the blogworld so consider this hitting two birds with one stone. Seven useless things about me. (as if you were interested?)

1. I own several bras with a pink ribbon on one side that says "Push up."
These are meant to be removed upon purchase but I left them on and when I wear them I pretend I have just won an award for "great boobs."
Who would present this award and pin it to my bra? I don't know, maybe the mayor. But it gives me a "lift" (ha ha) most mornings and I don't want to take 'em off. Call it an affirmation.

2. I buy most of my clothes in Charity Shops and Recycled Clothing Stores where previously rich but now ever so slightly broke people sell their clothes on consignment.

I do this because
A) I'm a tightarse and I refuse to be exploited by ridiculous retail aspirational mark-ups
B) I don't want to wear what everyone else is wearing and these clothes are more individual than high street mass produced fashions
C) I genuinely believe in the mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Reduce meaning more expensive, better made, non-mass produced garments. Re-use means wear it for longer and Recycle meaning donate it so I can buy it.

D) I am too old to be worrying what size I am in relation to "off the rack" and if a charity/recycle item don't fit, put it back and try something else. There is no bigger size on the rack to torment you into thinking you should have bigger boobs, smaller bum, longer legs. Move on.

E)  When people lose weight they keep their fat clothes. When they gain weight they donate/sell their gorgeous couture or pret a porter designer label lovelies because they can't bear to have them sitting in their wardrobe taunting them.
I am 5' 4", 8 1/2 stone and your shit might fit me.

And F) If I get buyers remorse, I donate it back. Everybody wins.

3. I can't stand the "trying shit on and tormenting yourself every morning" thing. So I try and have whatever theme I'm liking available in quantity. That means if I am into business shirts and little secretary skirts - I have 4 fitted shirts and two skirts ready to wear.
If I am doing flippy dresses over long sleeved Tees and tights - then there is a choice of dresses and a drawer full of tights and identical tees.
I had a friend with me today while I topped up my wool mix tights for the first time in 3 years. She was wearing her glasses so helpfully spotted sizes while I picked out 6 pairs in one go.  Last year it was tees. I don't piss about. Need it, get it. Have it when you need it.

My flippy dress thing is coming from St Vincents on Church Road Greystones. My long boot thing was Hilfigger and "Wear it Again" on Baggot Street. The Secretary Skirt thing was T.M. Lewin. Follow a theme, get dressed, get on with life.

4. I like to laugh. Sure I get angry, I kick and I throw things. Yes I get tearful and eat a lot of chocolate around the 3rd week of every month. But I really like to laugh. So I try to surround myself with funny people.
For some reason I am chemically optimistic. If I can't laugh with you then I will mock you and laugh at you. It's better for the complexion.

5. I am a largely self taught nerd. I will as someone once said, take on most things and try to do them, even if I am shit at it.
However since most people don't even attempt it I appear to be proficient.

Until I am with a real nerd and they show me up. They probably mock me. That's why they appear to be so young.  All that laughing.

6. I like champagne (who knew?) I would rather make a meal out of whatever is left in the cupboard and fridge and buy a bottle of Tesco Champagne, than order a curry and drink crappy wine.  It is the only drink you can have in excess and still look beautiful in the morning. I have never had a champagne puke or hangover. And I stayed in the Mo√ęt Chateau de Saran in Epernay. I had champagne for breakfast, lunch, entree, dinner, dessert and after dinner drinks.
If anyone wants me to test me on this, email me. Your Shout.

7. I am a very loyal friend and a staunch, steadfast, steady and unwavering enemy. Don't cross me because I will not forget it. But if you are my friend and I can help you. I will. xx


Jean said…
You champagne diva! Love your attitude to clothes/body image/life.
oddityaud said…
Have to agree with you about the champagne :)

Fab 7, why am I not suprised by anything you said.

I love your attitude to
Katy said…
Love it.Big charity shop fan myself and like to go to the posh areas to get the real good gear.Golders green in London is good with all the fab Jewish princess getting rid of good clobber.You like to
laugh the same as myself but your sense of humour has me in stiches most days on facebook.
K.Line said…
I love your 7 facts! 1. particularly had me snorting my glass of wine (not champagne, sadly). What I want to know is whether you have an Irish accent or an AUS one :-)
They are fab! And I totally identify with 5. and 6. - tho' sadly the champagne tolerance thing can wear off in your mid-40s, you have been warned...
Beki said…
Great post, great attitude so glad I found you.
Will you be my new best friend please ;)
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx
Jen said…
Having only met you very briefly once you have just confirmed everything I suspected and liked, straight up kinda lady:) Great attitude, hope a lot of teen girls read and take note:) Jen
Dougal said…
"I am 5' 4", 8 1/2 stone and your shit might fit me."

Well, I have some old underwear that you could definitely use if you ever decide to go camping.... hahahahahahaHAHA :D

Great 7 Lis,
Petunia said…
In the words of King Louie.... "I wanna be like you"... (not in a SWF kind of way though so don't run away and hide hehehe....

Great post missus :) xxx
Lisamaree said…
Jean Jeannie: it took about 30 years to get here. xx

Oddityaud: Champagne is the reason. xx

Katy: Hmmm, Golders Green aye? noted.

K-line: now you know. xx

Candi: I get help with the nerding. And I monitor the champagne,ref# Point 2-E: it really doesn't take much. xx

Beki: thanks for joining in. xx

Jen: it is not contrived. I am not capable of bullshit. Missing a gene. And Teen girls sadly will not be told. It is only when you have lost the blossom of youth that you value it xx

Fr dougal: thankyou. xx

Petunia: yikes! xx
Lora said…
Absolutely divine!!! Gotta love it!! I am with you on the champagne for sure, I have an undying love for it! I love to laugh too and can relate to all the others as well. I love your 7, I found them to be amusing and a great attitude on life! Thanks for sharing.
Popsie said…
brilliant 7 , learned a lot from you about the clothes thing, cos i do stress every morning about what to wear but i'm not 8 and a half stone anymore!! very amusing read x
Andra said…
Love your seven, can definitely identify with your 7th point as I am the same, fiercely loyal but don't dare make a enemy of me! On the champagne front I am a wuss and never got a taste for it so I will stick to my cheap plonk for now lol.
jazzygal said…
What can I say.....fabulous! Must give the champagne thing a try....and the charity shops! xx Jazzy
Nan P. said…
Aaaaah! C H A M P A G N E (to be promounced in a "Homer's-talking-about-DONUTS" type of accent).

I agree totally with you on that one.

As for the cloths, I too like to look different, my own style, as I feel on the day. So important! And I have recently discovered "Vintage" shopping. Bought some fab cloths there (for so little), all over 30 years old, and SO in fashion right now.
Truf said…
Hammie, find it hard to believe that we are EXACTLY same size (in my head I am big girl). It is great when it comes to charity shops and sales though, isn't it?! Last year got a Prada dress at a charity sale in st Lukes, for 50 quid - it was there for 2 days and wouldn't fit anyone!
Make Do Style said…
Ha brilliant! Love it you make me laugh lots as you know with your diverting wit and humour. I have a few things I should send to you to cut out the shop bit. From now on you get first dibs xx

PS your blog roll isn't updating
Lisamaree said…
Kate: I'm excited! cannot imagine why you would need to clear out stuff but I know you have very good taste. Start setting a bag aside and I will call in!!

Truf: I think we need to add body dysmorphia to your cocktail of autie tendencies. You are gorgeous! But I think that Prada dress looks awful on you and you should give it to me.
Cal said…
My bra and I would like an award too, please. Ha! You're the best...I love this post.

I feel like I haven't stopped by in AGES. Hope you and the family are doing wonderfully.

Lots of love!