Why I want to Be Elle Woods

Apart from the obvious, she is polite, friendly and respectful of everyone, no matter what their job or status.

She is well educated (no one says you have to study The Classics - knowing your Dolce from your Dior is just as valuable)

She looks for the good in people.

She focuses on what she wants and she looks for what it takes to get there. She is adaptable, and willing to learn new skills where neccessary.

She is generous and when she spots an opportunity to be helpful - does not hesitate.

And she is honorable. Betraying a confidence is not an option. There is always another way.

And when she needs moral support and someone to listen, she knows where to look for it.

Nobody should go it alone. Talk and Share with someone.

This is Depression Awareness week. If you know someone who is falling - reach out and catch them and help them look for help. If you feel like you are falling then turn to someone and ask them to help.

Don't be embarrassed. Don't be ashamed. Depression can happen to anyone. The smart ones look for help.

Anyone who is concerned about depression can access Aware’s support services, which include a loCall helpline (1890 303 302) open 365 days a year as well as support groups across the country.

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Petunia said…
I never thought of Elle Woods as a role model before but now you break down her qualities....

Too many of us are reaching low points at the moment, whether its because of the extended xmas, the freezing weather, job losses or just a general feeling of wanting to curl up in your cave and ignore everyone and everything. I beg everyone though, don't go into that dark cave as its so much harder to come back out. Ask for help. It goes in circles when you are in a supportive group that one day you are low and another picks you up, the next week you may pick up the phone and chat to someone else whos feeling low. Like in the movie "Pay it forward", if someone has helped you, you don't necessarily need to wait til that person requires help. Pay it forward and help two other people in need of a hand up. Then get those two people to give two people each a helping hand... and so on and so forth... before long, there is a massive infastructure of the most incredible support network.

Don't go it alone... you don't need to xx
drwende said…
That is so cute!
Clive said…
Well, I'd much rather be Elle Woods than Elin Woods!
Jen said…
At times it can be difficult for the person in the situation to see what is going on. Petunia is correct, pay it forward, help them realise it doesn't have to be this way and that help is out there. Lovely post Hammie, as always:) Jen.
Lisamaree said…
Petunia: Good point. And I know you practice what you preach. Well done xx

DrWende: cheers! xx

Kate:It is one of my favourite silly films. xx

Clive: I'd say Elin feels more like Paulette: "He's a guy who follows his pecker to greener pastures"

Jen: there is such a thing as reactive depression. We need to interact to help reduce it. xx
Jean said…
Depression among us special needs parents is inevitable. Of course we love our kids, and most definiatly are not "victims", but there's no escaping the fact that our lives are harder than most. For me, it's not so much how things are right now, but knowing that there will be no end to my child's needs. And knowing that I won't be around forever to meet those needs.
Without doubt, the support I have from my fb family have saved me from falling into the black hole (that and prozac, of course)...the biggest hurdle is asking for help at the exact time you wish the whole world would go away.
Fair play for raising awareness Hammie.
Anonymous said…
Hammie, you're simply brilliant. Elle really IS a superb role model. Who knew?
Tricia said…
Ostensibly, one would think it was all about Elle and her hair, but no, she's a great role model! And what a great reminder - depression is debilitating and tends to sneak up on one before one knows it.
Beki said…
I've loved Elle Woods since the first time I layed eyes on her and think she is a great role model.
Guess what my Daughter and I will be watching tonight?
So glad I found you, now a follower here on twitter.
Looking forward to reading more.

Take care
Beki x
Nan P. said…
Saw the film Legally Blonde for the first time this week on tv, totally by chance, and found myself surprisingly warming up to Elle... under the guise of a simple and simplistic comedy, I could see what you saw.

As for depression, been there, went into the "dark cave" Petunia speaks about, and IT IS very hard to come out. But come out I did.

Thank you for sharing the info, it may help someone :-)
TheShoeGirl said…
Great post!! I've always secretly loved Elle woods but with this list of credentials I don't have t live in secret anymore! ;)

Trish Hunter said…
Thanks for posting about Depression.
The word really needs to get out about it.
I'm shocked at how little help is available for people suffering from it.
Centrelink provides 6 sessions with a psychologist and that's supposed to 'cure' you.
It's scheme is designed for people with mild depression anxiety, to help people move on and get back to work, however most people are out of work because they have SEVERE depression/anxiety that's been getting worse for years and years and 6 sessions is nothing... and that's the reason they're on Centerlink payments, and so can't afford to PAY for psychology treatment.
After the 6 provided sessions, they're thrown away back into work just to get worse again.
That's where the system fails and it infuriates me that the government will spend money on such stupid things, and leave the 30% of Australians suffering from this illness to only sometimes, just get by.
No idea if that makes sense... but my vents over.
Thanks again for helping make it more aware.