Don't Send me your Angels, all my Angels are on Earth

I did a public speaking engagement recently (I know, GAH!) and while I was planning it out in my head I was thinking of what might encapsulate my personal philosophy, as a mission statement.

I didn't have to look far to find it.

And this teeny lady I wear around my neck.

Created by Wendy Brandes - Blogger, Jeweller to the stars and general Sass Arse.

Sold to help another blogger in need. As Wendy put it: "Janet of Je Ne Sais Quoi suffered a tragic loss when her husband took his own life. Janet has two young children"

Now most people make the sympathetic noises when they hear such a thing. They might even say "He will be in my prayers" or "I'm so sorry for your loss"

But prayers don't pay rent or feed children. Angels don't sort through personal effects and help you list them on ebay to help pay your school fees. They don't support the basics while a bereaved wife goes through the motions and tries to sustain motherhood.

But the support of Wendy's initiative and that of my other soul Sister Wolf did. Wendy And Sis also listed a donations button on their well read blogs and got real folding money into the hands of Janet when it counted.

That is why I am on the side of the Genies. You don't pray to a Genie see. You ask. And the Genie doesn't pray either. She blinks and flicks her ponytail and - if it is possible - you get what you want.

I'm not saying that the Genie can prevent anything bad. But practicing Genie philosophy will make it easier for you to get help with the bad things, and to empower yourself to overcome them. And Being a Genie yourself means asking what you can do to help - when others need it.

So don't pray - Ask. xx

For anything to do with Overcoming Depression or Suicide Prevention in Ireland, please go to Aware


K.Line said…
Jesus, Lisa, you're a genius.
Jean said…
sheesh..powerful post m'dear. You never disappoint. The opiate of the masses sure doesn't put food in bellies. I'm all for living in the real world.
hey, you gotta lose your religion to find real faith xxx
Petunia said…
I want to worship in the House of Genie :) Seriously though, you have twitched your dainty nose for many in need chick and helped in ways that are real and can be counted. I must look more into this Genie Philosophy as a way of life. I like the pay it forward philosophy too and think they compliment eachother nicely! :) xx
WendyB said…
If only my ponytail could accomplish more :-)

But you are so right. It surprising what happens when you ask. People have really come through for me too.
crazy mum said…
you really couldnt have put it any better!
Jen said…
I like this theory, and I like even more that it will make me sit down and think! Same as Petunia, I am also a big fan of 'pay it forward':) Jen.
Love it! And would love my teen to read it ('course she won't if her Mum suggests it :( ) - so many teens are afraid to 'just ask' - it would be great if they all got converted to Genie Power.
Now I just need to ask my Genie to help me acquire an ipad and we'll be good to go here with the Grace App - fantastic achievement Lisa! Plan to try it out with a non-autistic non-verbal child...
jazzygal said…
Lovely post and fabulous philosophy Hammie. Such a sad time for Je Ne sais Quo....very, very difficult.

I think we're a lucky bunch as we have quite a few Genies amongst us :-) xx Jazzy
The Spicers said…
Thanks Lisa. I feel lucky to count you among my friends.
Lisamaree said…
Thanks K, I'm not though.xx

Jean: and how little we can trust the opiate these days. I have always felt that societies that are overly reliant on religion - lack initiative in solving their own problems.

Petunia: Asking works both ways. Remember way back when Skye asked what she should have done to help the Teenager who's autie sister was having a meltdown. Ask. Just ask what you can do. xx

WendyB: your pony tail inspires. xx

ClaireH: Thanks xx

Jen: you practice it already! big helper you. xx

Candi: (hehe) I can't wait to see it on iPad. And you will get a tax credit on it too Remember that everyone!!

Jazzy: I'm sure Janet would appreciate your perspective. Go visit her lovely blog. She writes like a dream. xx

Janet: I wish I could do more - tell me if I can? xx
Jules said…
I love this post. And you are such a intelligent lady. =D

The Brown Mestizo
Lora said…
I am with you on that one! I totally agree!!!!
jazzygal said…
This was great the first time around. Still loving it...all Hail The Genies!

xx Jazzy (via Jen's Blog Gems)
Unknown said…
What a genius idea. Personally I don't think of the practical things like that, I just think of the immense pain the must be feeling, but of course any easing of basic day to day needs will allow them time to heal.
So glad you've dug this out the Blog Gems. Made me think.