A party political broadcast from the Hammie Party

I go to the dentist rather a lot. Not because I have bad teeth as I grew up in Melbourne with flouridation and I have marvellously strong and healthy teeth. (that glow in the dark - not really)

But because I lost a tooth in an accident when I was a kid and have spent practically my whole life getting it replaced by different means.

The dentist I have is really nice - but the work isn't very good. I get something done, I eat a sandwich and it breaks. I go back and get it fixed. There is discussion of why it broke that involves what is wrong with me and my mouth and how if I pay a bit more I can get a better solution. So I pay a bit more and I go home and it breaks.

So then I go back, get it fixed again - and then totally change my behaviour to try and ensure it doesn't break again. I now eat Toblerone one piece at a time, with my side and back teeth only.

And at no point do I entertain the idea of complaining or changing dentists; as he is a terribly personable fellow and he always manages to make me feel that whatever has gone wrong is not his fault, and is fixable; if I just invest a bit more of my money.

I feel a bit the same way about our current government.

Maybe it's time for a change.


Jen said…
I think the 'Hammie Party' would get a LOT of votes :) Jen.
Jean said…
love the analogy...you have my vote too (I mean, who on earth CAN you vote for????) xxx
popsie said…
Yes we do need a change of government and I also need a new dentist!
Hammie for President! You clearly have the Presidential smile for the job.;-)
kat said…
we would be replacing muppets with more muppets ... we need brand new proactive people in government
Hammie for Minister for Education perhaps xxx
Truf said…
Ha, elections! Come the revolution...
And you should refuse to pay that dentist and complain to the Dental Council. I did it a few years ago, saved £300 and restored some justice to this world.
Nan P. said…
Dentist? Government? I like the analogy... One or the other, it hurts!!!

I love the clip. The problem is: Who else is out there? I agree with Kat: each one as muppet as the other at the moment.
Irish Mammy said…
Brilliant I am behind you :-D I was teasing the ground for an all new 'The Fabulous Party' inspired by Dulwichmum - common theme being we need fresh thinking, we need change!
Hammie said…
Truf: I pay him, then I go home and eat the sandwich. I can't bring myself to ask for a refund from someone who has his hands in my mouth.

Bertie and co just have their hands in my purse... xx
Petunia said…
Haha love the analogy! Do you think the government are born evil like dentists though or do they have to work REALLY hard at it.... ;) xx
jazzygal said…
Yes...we definitely need a change of Government but I too worry about who'll replace them. And the longer it takes the change to come the bigger a mess they will have made of things. For example, I think we're now stuck with NAMA... so Eamonn Gilmore said before.

I too have a similar problem with my tooth. The crown keeps falling out...if it's not broken my dentist (a friend) will put it back for free. Last time it broke he only charged me half price...still expensive though! xx Jazzy
Read, of course, far from my topic. But still, we can work together. How do you feel about trust management???

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