So, where have I been? ABU DHABI !!!!

My Fellow winners from right to left (I am in the Arab World!)
The Team from BBC Janala - Bangladesh, Sophie from Tickle Tap Apps - Canada, 
 Dr Peter Bruck from WSA with yours truly giving a speech, The Boys from Drona - India who are behind Dr Peter and Shadi from Hesabi (which means "My Math" in Arabic) from our host country, United Arab Emirates. 
Rather than competitors my fellow winners turned out to be extremely encouraging and supportive and very very good company for the last 5 days. Thank you WSA for choosing Grace App and giving me the chance to be here.

and now, it's time to come home. xx


Truf said…
You won't get away with this, Hammie. You've got to tell us more!
Nan P. said…
This is so great Hammie. So happy for you. You must be so proud!
Congratulations once again, hope you enjoyed the heat as well as the company x
Anonymous said…
You look real comfortable up there, maybe more to come!
Tricia said…
So exciting, congratulations!! How wonderful to be rewarded for all of your hard work. And you look gorgeous up there!
Make Do Style said…
How amazing and much deserved!! xx