Talking to Red Symons of ABC Melbourne Radio 774 in March

Red Symons was the lead guitarist in Skyhooks - a very cool aussie band in the 70's. He then went on to be the "Simon Cowell" of a talent show on Australian Television.

It was lovely to meet him in person and explain where and how the Grace App came about.

I am just awful at film editing, but I hope you can enjoy these home movies mashed together on iMovie which was the easiest way to put up the MP3 to share.

I seem to have a thing for Radio Presenters who used to be in bands....


Adelaide Dupont said…

that is so amazing that Grace and you talked to Red Symons.

The show he was "Simon Cowell" on was RED FACES, a much-valued and much-vaunted part of HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY.
Lisamaree said…
Thanks Adelaide - I actually think Simon Cowell ripped off Red. xx
oviya said…
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