I am sitting here, where are you?

If there is a better place to download an update & restore an iPad - I wanna know about it.


Mel said…
Looking at your sturdy iPad cover, and wondering what it is. My Luke just threw ours and cracked the screen. What would you recommend?

Very jealous of the holiday spot too by the way :)
Ouch Mel! Know the feeling. It is an Otterbox defender with a screen film over it. The case protects the device from dropping. It's the best we can get in Ireland but you might find Amazon in Aus has even better ones. The USA rannge for special needs is incredible.
Lovely to see you. I just read your profile page in Spanish! xx
jazzygal said…
I want to move there.....

xx Jazzy
Nan P. said…
Jazzy, can I move there with you?

As for that young man, he looks so grown up it's almost frightening! ;-)

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