I won!

Women Mean Business made me their 2011 "Big Idea" Award Winner for Grace App Communication.
Women Mean Business is a magazine for business women in Ireland and the event held at the Shelbourne Hotel - very nice; was attended by some real movers and shakers in industry.

My super friend, the lovely "Mrs Doyle" collected the award at 2:30 pm and gave a lovely speech on my behalf - while I queued to get off our Aer Lingus flight at T2 Dublin.

But Mr Hammie rushed me to the Shelbourne where I caught the second half of Dragon's Den Hilary's keynote to the Women who Mean Business.

I had tea afterwards with Mrs Doyle (of course, Tea Tea Tea!) and a lovely catch up. Lovely goody bags too. Will post links etc later but for now, thank you all xx


sharon Morris said…
Wonderful. Congratulations.
Anonymous said…
Wahoo! Congrats, beautiful!
jazzygal said…
Well done....no better woman. They SO made the right choice;-)xx
Fantastic, so pleased for you xx
Fiona said…
Huge congrats!!!
Nan P. said…

Congratulations Lisa Girl!