Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beautiful Boy 11/12/1997

It is my Liam's Birthday as of 5 am on 11th December. 

Still as beautiful to me as he was when I first held him in my arms 14 years ago.

And at the noodle market last weekend.

PS. It's also The Grace App Wizard's 23rd Birthday today. Go and wish him a Happy Birthday here


jazzygal said...

From beautiful baby to handsome young man.... in the blink of an eye.

Happy birthday to the fabulous Liam ;-)

xx Jazzy

K.Line said...

Congrats on navigating some pretty intense parenting of a fantastic kid! I can't believe he continues to age, as you stay marvelously youthful :-)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Happy Birthday Liam x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Liam!

Bright Side of Life said...

Happy Birthday!
Eeeeek, they grow up too quickly!!

Clive said...

Wishing Liam a very Happy Birthday!

The years fly by, don't they!!!