Salutations of the Season

Liam made this lovely picture a few years ago, inspired by an episode of "Bear in the Big Blue House" or "Arthur." Note: the Colombia Tristar™ inspired winged horse pulling a carriage. Last time we were in Ballarat he had my sister find him a Menorah in an antique store. And my sister was delighted to find a lovely neon blue Krishna light that she plugged in on the deck to add to our ecumenical holidays that year.

So whatever you celebrate, I want to wish you a wonderful season. And please, if you have any trouble sorting out your priorities with regard to obligations, always put your immediate family first. You will never have cause to regret the time you spend with your kids doing what they like, whatever that is.



Petunia said…
Love the artwork. Not a religious person, each to their own but time with my three kids together under any guise is time I treasure. Its been over four months since we were all in the same house at the same time so I can't wait. If I'm passing your direction, will see if you're free and drop in for a coffee and a catch up. Love to the kids, you and Mr D too xx
thanks darling, look forward to it xx
Me said…
Wishing you and your gorgeous family a great holiday break. May you have lots of joyous moments and glasses of bubbly.
K.Line said…
Excellent advice, as always. Have a great time with your loved one's L!
jazzygal said…
Absolutely, put your family first.

Seasonal Salutations to you, Bill, Liam and Grace from all the Jazzys :-)

xx Jazzy
Clive said…
Totally agree, family first - only way to enjoy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all from all of us - we hope you have a good one!
Clive said…
Meant to say, very impressed with the card - how many Ballyowen cards have you stockpiled away!!!

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