Guest post: 5 minute make-up for Special Mums; Because you ARE worth it!

Long time readers of this blog know that I have always put an emphasis on looking after yourself. I don't agree with what I call "victim chic" - the belief that being a good special needs parent means looking like a wreck because you are too busy helping everyone else in your life.
There is nothing wrong with taking time to look good on the outside,  so that every time you pass by your own reflection you smile at what you see. 

Smiling releases endorphins and makes it easier to get through whatever challenges the day throws up. (including being thrown up on)

If you only ever put on make-up when you go "out" then getting "dolled up" as we call it may take a long time. But a 5 minute makeup can be done and who better to show us than my amazing cousin Liane Scior, editor of the beauty blog "Sesora Online

As the owner and creator of her own mineral make-up brand "Eles" Liane buys and tries every other brand out there, sharing her experience on Sesora. For the sake of all our challenged pockets I've asked her to use supermarket or chemist brands, so we can all afford to treat ourselves to looking good, every day. 

As a further treat, she is going to give one lucky commenter a beautiful new Eles micro bubble lippie worth $40 mailed ANYWHERE in the world - I believe in lipstick psychology: the very act of opening your purse and getting out a beautiful lipstick in an expensive case as a way of pumping up your self esteem - its like putting on armour!

Guest post from my cousin: the gorgeous Liane Scior:

"How do you deal with the pressure to “look good”?    Is it vain or “unspiritual” to invest precious time in outward appearances when there are so many other important things to do?
Juggling home, work and social life is hard enough, throw some challenges into the mix such as being a carer for dependent  loved ones, a parent or even the strain of facing financial difficulties and it can all be a bit overwhelming. 
Self-care is this vain, elusive idea to some of us. Taking time out for some primping may appear superficial and self-indulgent when there are other priorities, other people to put first.
However, when you give of yourself every day and put everyone’s needs before your own, you have to somehow replace the missing pieces.  None of us can be a bottomless pit of giving forever, sooner or later it wears you down, and therefore, maintaining your self-worth becomes crucial.  You are worth it, just ask L’oreal!

All of us need to find ways to provide ourselves with the fuel that we require and deserve in order to do this work of existing, whether it’s taking time out to read, soaking in a bath or escaping for a quick manicure.  We all know it; we just don’t always do it! 
For me and I suspect many of you, it’s taking bite size pieces of pleasure where we can; a glass of wine, a chocolate or escaping in a good book.  And one indulgence that is as important to me as brushing my hair or cleaning my teeth is slapping on a little bit of “face” each morning, just enough to enable me to look in the mirror and say “yep, you’ll do”. Those few things are what keep me feeling in control of my crazy, busy life.
This small but vital ritual can lifts the spirits in much the same way a chic pair of shoes can, or walking down the street with bouncy, soft hair straight from the hair dresser.  
So at the request of my amazing cousin who juggles a lot more than anyone should have to while looking polished, glam and in total control, I’m here to share a 5 Minute Makeup that you might like to try if you are in need of a little self-confidence boost.

All the products suggested are great quality and value and available in your local Boots, Priceline or Drugstore but you can use any makeup that you have on to get the same look.

First apply a pump of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation to a freshly cleansed and moisturised skin.  This foundation is as good as any high-end,  super- expensive foundation and leaves your skin looking calm, even, dewy and natural.  It’s suitable for everyone, whether you have oily or dry skin and it lasts well throughout the day (Bourjois claim 16 hours but I’d give it an honest 6-8 before the need to touch up).  It’s loaded with anti-oxidants and hydrating botanicals so it’s also a great treatment for your skin. I find application with the fingers best; it seems to melt the foundation for a more natural lightweight finish than using a foundation brush and let’s face it, much easier to clean.  Just spread it evenly and blend the edges well. It sets to a soft, velvety, satin finish and rarely requires powder over the top.
Follow with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (don’t you love these names).  This has a sponge applicator and glides on easily and it melts in beautifully to conceal dark under circles while giving that much needed lift to the face.  This can also be used to conceal any blemishes or hyper-pigment patches.  Simply pat it on the area you wish to cover and blend out the edges with your fingertips by tapping lightly. Note; you can clean the sponge applicator once or twice a week with some warm, soapy water to keep things hygienic.
Add some colour to the cheeks with the Bourjois Powder Blush, this should go on the apples of the cheek for a natural glow during the day, or swept along the cheekbones for a more sculpted look at night.  I love the Rose Frisson which is a soft peachy-pink with the faintest shimmer (not glittery at all but just enough to pick up the light and make the skin more vibrant).
If you need to fill in any gaps in the brows with the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil, this comes with a handy brush on the lid to tame those beauties into order before you pencil the shape and to use again after to soften and diffuse the colour.  Use soft feather movements to build up a full yet soft natural brow.
Next using your finger apply a sweep of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eye shadow on the lid above your lashes and up to the eye crease, do not apply above the crease but instead take a clean brush and blend the edges out to create a diffused day time smoky-eye.  Apply a small amount beneath the lashes with a cotton tip and blend back and forth to create a soft eye line. These are so easy to use and come in a great range of colours; most popular are “Bad to the Bronze” which is a shimmery bronze shade that even heavy lidded lovelies can get away with but if you prefer a matt shade try “Tough as Taupe”. Once set, it won’t budge all day until you remove it which is a bonus for those of us that absent-mindedly rub the eyes several times a day in fatigue and exasperation!

This next step is optional - Apply a fine line of eyeliner just above and through the top lashes, this makes the lashes look thicker but is still natural enough for “barely there” day time look.  You can do the same on the outer 1/3 of the lower lashes to create wider set eyes or even on the inside water line for a sharper more defined look.  I love the Rimmel Unstoppable Eyeliner which has great staying power and smudges out well for a soft diffused look. Note: the smaller your eyes the more diffused and soft the eyeliner should be.  Harsh lines tend to make the eyes look smaller.

To finish the eyes apply a few coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes; wiggle the brush from the base of the lashes to the tips fanning them out.  I find the Maybelline Clump Crusher Mascara one of the best, while lengthening it also gives your lashes volume and it doesn’t create a “false lash” clumpy look that resembles a tarantula spider. Once again, it lasts well and doesn’t cause panda eyes later in the day.
Finally sweep some colour on the lips. I love the Rimmel Apocolips which is a kind of lipstick/gloss hybrid and they have some gorgeous shades. Although long lasting they are not drying on the lips.  They are versatile too; you can apply a couple of dots and blend in for a washed out stain or a full coat for an opaque creamy coverage.  For day I recommend “Celestial” which is a rosy brown shade that looks just a few shades darker than natural lips and for night the Apocoliptic, a sophisticated shade of deep red with a hint of plumb that suits almost everyone.

As a final touch give your face a quick spritz with any facial spray you have on hand, this helps to set the makeup and make your foundation look more natural and dewy. And you are good to go!

It’s only makeup, not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination and we all know it won’t change our lives but it can lift your spirits and self-confidence and that is never a bad thing is it!
That Eles lippie: ANY colour posted to the winner ANYWHERE in the world.

Want to win an Eles Lipstick? - well the competition has now closed! Watch the Sesora Facebook page for the next Special Mums Blogger Giveaway!

Blog Commenters and FB Likers. If I missed you message me via Facebook and I will add you in.


Anonymous said…
This is Elaine. I loved this and I'm inspired to try cream eye shadow soon! Thanks Lisa :)
Petunia said…
I never forgot the advice you gave years ago on how you should never go into a meeting with services providers or doctors or meetings at schools etc without brushing your hair and putting on some lippy. People do indeed take you more seriously if you look more in control than a bag lady lol :)
Anonymous said…
I need all the help I can get…
Love Tazzy xxx
Well my make-up routine is a little different, but I do do it every day, plus the shower and the getting dressed in ironed clothes bit too --- it helps me cope in every way xx
grufalomum said…
Great post & being a complete make-up junkie I'll be straight to the local pharmacy with blog n hand to get all the items suggested :) Love all the tips and of course would LOVE a new lippie ;) - love grufalomum
Anonymous said…
I feel like a teenager reading this. want to go upstairs and start practising and experimenting with make up. I love new products, need to find more time to try some out. Thanks lisa, looking forward to trying them.

Mary M said…
Sounds like very useful advice and I could do with all the advice I can get on this
jazzygal said…
As a woman of a 'certain age' who suffered with bad acne until her late 30's (if I'd only known pregnancy would have solved that problem I'd have had my boy far earlier... if I'd only met his father far earlier!!)I NEVER leave the house without my slap on. Max Factor Face Finity being my current favourite 'cover all' foundation. Somehow I never remember to put my lippy on though, but that's what traffic lights are for, right?!

xx Jazzy
Andra Johnston said…
When I was a very young girl I remember watching my Nana constantly putting lippy on, later in my teenage years she would give me my mantra which is never leave the house without a good lipstick in your bag, I never have! Taking care of your appearance has always been a big thing growing up and I am lucky my mum was a beautician and taught me the importance of good make up and skin care.
Lisa Ruddy said…
I would love some luxury make-up for myself. I have such cheap stuff as my daughter steals it all to draw on her face with.
Lisamaree said…
Andra, my Granma is exactly the same. Even when she broke her wrist, she still put on lippie before going to visit my Gramps in hospital. Sometimes our make-up is all that holds us together. xx
Anonymous said…
I was a moisturiser+lipstick girl for most of my life, ok a bit of macara for special occasions. Then, at hitting 40, decided it was time to look into makeup and consealer - several expensive mistakes and I am still trying. Hope Borgeous are the answer to my prayers; -)
Unknown said…
Glad I friended you Lisa so I can stalk your blog!

Anonymous -- I'm a big fan of the Bourgeous Helathy mix. I've recently converted from and Missha BB Cream.

Great article. I believe in lipstick psychology too!
Also as an alternative to powder blush I really like tints like Benefit Posie tint. It lasts all day (I put it on at 8am, and it's still visible at 8pm) and it's very "who me? I'm naturally this flushed and rosy!".
Lisamaree said…
Hi Alex, I used to love Benefit posy tint too! But my son used to watch me putting it on, so whenever I left it out he would put it on too. Not a problem until he found a red nail polish which he thought was benetint, and put that on his lips and cheeks!
If it ever happens to you, use non-acetone nailpolish remover, aloe vera and time to remove it! xx
Unknown said…
Lisa: Oh my Gosh! That must have been a shock! For you AND Liam.