How to cope with the six o'clock meltdown

Every parent (not just special needs parents) gets to experience the wonder of "Arsenic Hour" where your kids create a perfect storm of being too tired, too hungry and too damn grotty* to just put to bed.

*if they fall asleep naturally let them sleep. Bathe in the morning.


Little kids usually do this around 6 o'clock but for older kids, and those with additional needs it can be a bit later. It only happens when there are more kids than you can wrangle on your own and no energy left yourself. You know what your kids need, but where do you start?

However, here at my secret laboratory I have devised an excellent formula for overcoming this. 20 minutes before it is due to start, mix up one of these:

Then fill a hot bath FOR YOURSELF,  and drink it there. Put on a deep conditioning treatment, exfoliate everything you think needs smoothing and enjoy the aural harmony of your favourite scented bath oils mixed with your favourite tunes on your iPad. 

 Hop out when you are fully relaxed and wrap yourself in a large fluffy towel. Throw child/ren into the remaining bath and give them a sandwich. Sip your cocktail.

Feel in love with the world! 

*inspired by the excellent  "Hurrah for Gin"