Travels with Autism 1

Travels with Autism 1

My new Youtube Series making my blog into a video is now live thanks to Joe from Catts Ireland.

I have wanted to be a Vlogger for a long time but while the talking at a camera does not bother me (I can talk underwater) the editing and all that does so thanks to Joe for making it actually happen. Please share with anyone you know who is setting out on the autism journey. I got stories to share.

(also if you need help getting started to help your child then Catts Ireland is the place to go)

I love summer holidays, I love being with my kids and I want everyone to enjoy a break with their family, autistic or not.

Here are my Top Tips to enjoy a holiday that is a HOLIDAY with your beloved kids.

More to come. I welcome your top tips so please post on the Facebook page for everyone to share!


Adelaide Dupont said…
Lisa and all the travellers:

I do like the idea of the T-shirt.

Also it might be a good idea to see if other people are wearing T-shirts or jewellery or bands about other organisations for connecting purposes.
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