Blog love goin out to ye'

This week my Guru, The Seeker has once again bestowed me with a little award. Thankyou my lady.

Yippee, not only do I feel honored, but I get a chance to tell you about 7 other blogs who deserve a little lovin' and by turn give them the chance to send out their love.

You see, despite what we may feel about world finance, established religions, the loss of community and the isolation of marginalised minorities; the blog world overcomes all that.

Instead we celebrate connectedness by accepting our awards and sending you to our nominees, where you may discover your commonality with someone you would never normally meet.

Because that is the great thing about bloggin'.
At any time of the day or night there is someone out there, putting their thoughts on the keyboard, finding a pretty picture to share with us, finding a funny catalogue to give us a giggle; telling us we are beautiful and valuable and worth knowing.

It is like a big virtual beauty salon where we can sit under the dyers and cackle our way through each others anecdotes while flicking through a world smorgasbord of virtual magazines. Did you see this? OH MY GOD, etc.

And the Beauty salon actually backs on to a barber's shop with a big shared banquette; so we can lean over and exchange virtual points of view with the lads waiting for a short back and sides. (Mattie, you can sit with us on the pretty side) Nick, I think you might be best over the otherside with the N0. 2 clippers and a copy of Hotpress.
My blog love this time goes out to the brave little bloggers who give me perspective on my own worries and always rise to the occasion to support me when asked. And asked, And Asked.

Please take it seriously (NICK!) and use it to pass on the goodness, but also to inform the rest of us of what other good is out there, within the six degrees of connectedness.

First the rules:

1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs. (√)
2. Link to the person who awarded you. (√)
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

My Super Seven:

Cathal's Mummy from Cathal's Big Adventure

Sesame from Songs and Stories a fellow autie mum.

Cathal's NAN (and my adopted nan) from A journey into Grandmotherhood

Nick of Our Jacob another Downsie

Jazzygal, the all singing, all dancing Autie Mum.

And because this is my award and I can give it out whenever I am inspired by beauty....

I am dually awarding both the above "I Heart" and my own "You are a beautiful blogger" to the final two.

Skye: of Skylark and Son.
The first blog I read every morning and the last I read at night. Everyday I get a dose of Bondi sunshine and goodness mixed with excellent thrifted fashion and modern maternal wisdom. And she looks Hawt in just about everything. Oh, and I love her.
And my new favourite Make Do And Mend.
Not only a good philosphy for a recovering shop-a-holic, but a beautiful blog in itself for inspirational photography and personal style. A fellow thrifter who needs must as she recently became studentfied and is now neccessarily making do. She also gets the award, because she "gets it". Put it up on your blog and look at it everyday Ms Mk'Do.
For the full blurb please link back to the original creation. And yes, I am totally enjoying seeing this passed around the blogosphere!
The rules for this as created by the inaugural winner The Seeker:
1. The nominated person can put the picture on their blog.
2. Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to the person who founded the award, that would be me.
3. Give it to two bloggers and link to them. Tell us in detail why they are beautiful.
4. Leave a message on those people's blogs to make them aware that they're nominated.
5. You are free to pass it on again, when you are "inspired" by a beautiful post or a beautiful blog.
Have a lovely week folks.


Skye said…
Thank you Hammie, I'm ridiculously honoured to be in such fine company!

I'm not sure how much wisdom I've got going at the moment, and the hawtness is definitely fraying around the edges, but I do hope I can entertain just a little!
Nan P. said…
Hammie, Hammie, Hammie… I am all chuffed out!

My little rambling blog being honoured thus!!!! Aaaaaah!

But Dam You Woman, I now have to do some Very Serious thinking, to pass on this award.

PLUS, I also now have a reputation to maintain… tough one! ;-)

Anyway, thanks... and sending you a Big Virtual Hug
Make Do Style said…
Thank you so much - I didn't fully appreciate that you'd really left me an award. So lovely and I'll work harder at college now - smiling!
Anonymous said…
Hooray! Congratulations, Hammie. Of course, this award is perfect for you.

Maybe Nick will be able to take this one with a smile!

Everyone on the list is a fine choice.
jazzygal said…
Woohoo!! I got an award!!

I feel extremely honoured to be chosen by Hammie for a Bloggie.

My first award! Means a lot....thanks Hammie!

I don't know 7 other people in blogsphere though. If I find others I will pass on this little piece of thoughtfulness from the amazing Hammie. XXXX Jazzy
Cathal's Mammy said…
my first award too. I feel so special now, even more special than before. It may take me awhile to get 7 bloggers to nominate (since you already awarded to half the ones I read, and my mother better not steal my other out nan p!!!)

I'd like to thank Hammie for the award, all my readers, the tooth fairy, please, don't play the music yet, I have so much more I need to say.......

Thanks Hammie, I love your bkog, it's the first one on my list everyday :-)
Nan P. said…
Hum hum.... Hammie, dearest, when you have a moment, please check my blog..... ;-)
Seeker said…
Thank you so much for your always kind and nice words when talking about me, I feel "embarrassed"...

I'm so glad I've awarded you, because besides I love your blog as well I love you, you toke this award and give it a meaning that I love.

Ohhh... so many more blogs for me to check...and I'm always short of time :(

Dear, could you make me a favor?
I did a quiz and it says "you're not afraid to be a little funky."
I went to translate it and it translates funky in coward, is that true, is that the meaning? Please could you explain it to me if it's different. Because I'm sad about it.
Thank you dear.

Seeker said…
Thank you dear for your explanation.
I'm feeling better ;)

Hope you'll have a rested night sleep and that your working week will be very nice.
I know it's late there, here it's -2 hours.

Take care.

Sesame said…
Goodness Hammie, am truly award for little ole me?
Am bit off colour last 2 days so this has been a great pick-me-up and I shall wear it with pride..
and will bestow it onto others (when I find some that u don't already have)..Thanks Hammie.
Lisamaree said…
Skye, you still look great under incredible pressure. So well deserved

Nan P; all perspectives are very welcome in this world, especially Grandparents

"The Mrs Doyle" award hey? Well I never thought of it that way. Guess I am aclimatised.

enc: thankyou, hopefully. Thanks for the tag, I will run up my list tonight.

Jazzy, maybe this is an excuse to go and read a few other blogs. Look at my blog roll, there are some fine thinkers out there.

C.Mam: Thankyou and same to you. You can award people who have just been awarded if you really love their blog. And you are "this" close to a BB award; just keep posting the baby snaps; he is amazing looking your boy.

Seeker: I hope you are feeling fine and funky now!

Sesame; glad I cheered you up, pay it forward now.
Congratulations, Hammie!! I am so looking forward to displaying the beautiful award that you created and Seeker gave me just as soon as I figure out how to scale down the size.

I so appreciate your very kind and thoughtful note.
Big blog love to you.
Andrea Eames said…
What a great post! I love your description of the blogging world, very apt.
Anonymous said…
Hurrah! B'love all around, and for such wonderfully deserving ladies - especially you, Hammie.
Sesame said…
Hammie Am Payin It Forward..come see