All's Fair

Brian Ormond and Merlin

Friday night saw the launch of a week of Celebrity Skating for Charity, I wrote about it already here and here.

For the next 5 days, 4 Irish Celebrities will be taught to skate by professionals culminating in a skate off at the RDS on Friday 19th, to be judged by non other than Boyzone, who I wrote about here, with some fondness. (okay gushing sycopancy then)

Every charity has a sponsor who has donated €15,000 already, and the winner will receive an additional €15K.

For Irish Autism this will go to the National Projects like the Diagnostic and Support Centre; Solas.

Solas was established in 2007 as a result of fundraising and O2's corporate sponsorship, and offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary diagnosis within 3 months of referral.

The waiting list for a state provided diagnosis is a minium of 2 years. Minimum.

It is much longer in The West.

Can you imagine 2 years of wondering what exactly is going on and what are you supposed to do??!!

So in real terms an extra €15, ooo will mean at least 15 more pro-bono assessments for families who want to get their kids an intervention right bloody now, but cannot afford it.

Our Skating celebrities were announced on Friday night's Late Late Show and we auties are in with a good chance. Our fella is the young and gorgeous Brian Ormond (pictured above) and he has skated before.

He could win.

Sorry Nick, Nan, and Cathal's Mammy, but if he does, Yours Truly will be there to accept the cheque, From Boyzone.

So you know, Just in Case.

(Tonya Harding)


Nan P. said…
Dam you woman! You have some connections! I MUST watch, just in case, just to see you... No matter what, all 4 charities are great and deserving, though some might say that some charities are more deserving than others...?

So the competition is on - gloves are off... I mean "stakes" are off.
Nick McGivney said…
Ok ok, but when you want to upgrade to the Manzone just holler, yhear?
I'm not jealous I'm not jealousss I'm not jeaaalllllooouuussssss no way!
Anonymous said…
I'll be rooting for Brian, Hammie. Count on it.
Sesame said…
Fair play to you missus...av no doubt you will collect the cheque..and Brian is so easy on the eye too...give the boyz a kiss from me when you do collect...who are you going to be wearing???
Seeker said…
Oh my sweet dear friend, I have so much to thank you for both the comments you made about La Mimi FIW, but most of all for the one you left at Mimi's.
You are too kind with me my dear!!!
I feel so blessed for having met you and for your frienship. Thank you!!!!

And I hope all the best will happen for your team in Skating!!!

Love you
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'll be praying that your team wins! What a lovely blog you have here! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you, but please stay strong and the Universe will conspire to help you and your little angels! :) How old are they by the way? :)

P.S. thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog/site :)
Elizabeth said…
Crossing my fingers for you, Hammie.

Sorry Nick!