Boo in Delgany Wood

As you can see, he has 2 shoes on his feet and is within range of his Mummy so the walks did improve by last Thursday. By the weekend the storm seems to have passed metaphorically as the behaviour settled, I got a lot more sleep and as you know, we even had time for a few laughs. 
Someone who didn't know that Boo and I were getting along much better is my dear friend "Mrs Doyle" (so called because she loves tea and won't let anyone else pay for anything) was driving out to Greystones. 
Armed with a card and a very generous gift voucher for a local restaurant to give me and Mr Hammie a night out, she discreetly slipped this through the letter box as Boo and I were dancing away and disappeared into the night. This woman really is platinum level generous and thoughtful and I have to say - Amazingly gorgeous. And did I say she has 3 kids, one of which has autism and she works full time?

Thanks Mrs Doyle, I really don't deserve a friend like you - but I am so glad I have you!


K.Line said…
Mrs. Doyle is awesome! I love that woman. And, no doubt you do deserve such friendship or it wouldn't be yours. So glad the storm is over. I bet you feel like you're on vacation right now :-)
Anonymous said…
That is good news. Mrs Doyle sounds like the most magnificant friend ever.
Clive said…
There's no-one like Mrs Doyle. She never ceases to amaze me. What a great friend!
Sesame said…
Any chance of sendin mrs doyle down my direction....go on go on go on go on go on....sorry been away so long....
Anonymous said…
Rock on Mrs. Doyle! But um, just have to point out that you sure as hell DO deserve a friend like her. And don't forget your contributions to her life, too.

SOOOO glad that Boo is settling. What a huge relief.
Cal said…
Isn't it just lovely when people do things like that, out of the blue, and it just makes everything seem like it'll be ok because SOMEONE cares? There isn't really ever a way to properly thank them, to the extent they deserve, except perhaps by doing the same for someone else. At least that's what I've found...
Lisamaree said…
Yup; she is totally awesome.
And Cal, I agree with you. You have to pass on goodness when you get it. I hope it always reaches around the world to Mrs Doyle.
Thankyou to all of you for your support, means a lot!
Unknown said…
Great post,i'm happy to hear that you have a good friend like Mrs.Doyle..=)
I'm glad that you are friends.
Keep on writing friend.
I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it..;D
Have a nice day.
Seeker said…
Hammie, lovely you, hope things are good yet.
And Mrs Doyle sounds to be awesome and I'm glad you've such angel in your life, you so deserve it.

Lots od love
bronwyn said…
Hi Hammie
Hope you are well, and glad things are looking up. Have a lovely weekend
I absolutely agree with K.line and others. You must be a friend much like Mrs. Doyle or she wouldn't be yours.xo
Unknown said…
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Olimpe said…
it's so cool that you have such friends :)