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Do we want our children to LEARN, or are we happy with them just being Taught?

Do we want our children to learn, or are we happy with them just being taught?

That is;
in a 6-1 setting which is the state ASD model, a curriculum will be taught to all 6.

There may be a couple of SNAs attached to the class whose role as "care assistants" is to "keep the children in their seats and take them to the toilet etc" (according to the DoES officer that I spoke to in November 2006)
In every class of 6 that I have observed, about 3 will cope with the setting. They will stay in the classroom for the main part, they will participate in group activities like circle time, answer questions, do a bit of independent art and craft and sit at their work stations at work time.

The other 3 will engage in perseverative behaviours, maybe self harm, run up and down the room (and out the door first chance they get) they will need to be held in their seats at circle time and will not participate independently in group activities.
They will effectively fail to progress to their …