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It's all about the Fear......

We parents of special needs kids are used to this feeling - fear. Fear about the future, what our kids will turn out like, where and what they will be when we pass from this mortal plane. Ireland is in crisis and we don't know how deep, but we do know that services for folks like us are in the firing line; it's all about the fear.

Happy Aussie Day and Guan Xi Fa Cai (Gung He Fat Choy)

A Very Happy Year of The Ox to you all. Chinese New Year is about Family and mine are all on the other side of the world (well the ones that aren't supposed to be upstairs falling asleep) This is my Grandma and Grandpa who live in Melbourne. We were all looking out for the Paparazzi when they snapped us outside their condo by the bay.
Where my sister and her family are probably spending Australia Day a - "Bank Holiday Monday". Probably listening to Triple Js Hottest 100 This little piece of Heaven is where my sister served the Imeldas tea and a good fruitcake, with a jug of cold water flavoured with freshly picked mint on the side. It is literally just at her backdoor. AustralianaThis is my laundry door where I look to escape the sideways rain, snow and sleet outside my back door.Postcards and Koala compliments of Skye who sent me a care parcel last year.I will also accept donations of Tom Yum packet soups, Chicken Twisties and Cherry Ripes. Email me for delivery address.Have…

Think Differently

A Boo Bolts in Singapore

I was recently asked on this blog what the "etiquette" is when you observe a carer dealing with what we fondly describe in autie world as a "melt-down".

The question from the lovely Skye of Skylark and Son :

Skye said...Ok Hammie, here's a small question for you about autie etiquette.

During the Boxing Day (St Stephens Day) sales I was in DJs (a large posh department store) when a howling kerfuffle broke out just outside the ladies toilet.

It was a teenage girl (say about 15) left in charge of her sister (about 12) who was pretty clearly autistic and losing it big time (no doubt due to being in DJs on boxing day, which is overwhelming enough for everyone else).

Various people were standing around tut-tutting at the "apalling behaviour" of the apparently tantrumming tween and hassling the older sister.
I was unable to control my meddling bossy boots side and started saying to people in the crowd, "I'm pretty sure she'…

The Travellers Return.....

We're Back!

And feeling like I am finally on planet earth after a fairly gruelling flight home.
The visit to family was fantastic. But a few weeks before we left; Boo took a turn into Behaviour-land which made some aspects of the journey challenging to say the least. He is back in school now and we are back in the arms of his tutors, supervisor and the Director who are going to help me work through this latest phase of behaviour, please god.

However, let's focus on the positives!
Firstly, in case you have never flown halfway around the world with an 11 year old with moderate to severe autism, let me give you the benefit of my experience!
All credit must go to the excellent Singapore Airlines, and Sean in the Dublin office who booked all our flights and ensured we got our special assistance.

Let's not talk about the first leg from Dublin to Heathrow (Achh!)
and instead have a look at Boo on the new Airbus A380, in the economy section upstairs where we got our requested "two s…

Another tail from down under

Such a colourful chap. And the bird's not too dull either mwah mwah mwah.

Craptions courtesy Nick

Chillin' down under on his holliers

That's Boo.
(Beaming Boo to you.)

Happy new year!

Hectic days here on the farm and no broadband mean no blogging. My apologies to all of you and love and the biggest good wishes for an Excellent 2009.

It is too late and too expensive to be online for very long so here is a shamelessly touristy photo taken by my adorable nephew Harry. xxx