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Just 'cause it rained after you put the washing out, doesn't mean you made it rain

Correlation does not imply causation
I have been wary of discussing a certain ex-Medical Doctor and his faked and fraudulent evidence to prove that Autism was caused by toxicicity of anything a parent may have done to protect their child from preventable diseases. Not because I ever believed it - no Sirree! I have two beautiful and very healthy children who happen to have Autism.
But because any discussion of the above topic will usually bring on a hail of Trolls whose only mission in life seems to be to believe just about anything that cannot be proved. The Earth is flat, and it was made by a Guy riding a Cloud in 7 days, and You Know What causes Autism - they believe it.

I can see where the myth starts, and for that I forgive the parents who were bamboozled into believing it.
People talk about Autism "kicking in" suddenly at the age of 18 months or so. They also talk about "Degenerative Autism" which is not a real thing. What they are experiencing is actually increa…

Smoothing the way - The Parable of the Chest of Drawers

Every year around the start of the cold damp weather, I have a drawer that keeps sticking. It's in a tall boy I keep in the attic, very close to the skylight so I guess on one of the many times I forget to close the skylight, some moisture gets in and warps the timber a bit.

This year it was my sweater drawer. At first, I just tried to yank it out with force. I brace my foot against the base of the unit and force it out with two hands,jiggling it until it gives. Then i tried a quick fix with a bit of candle wax rubbed along the draw runners and more yanking. When this became impossible so I got around it by pulling out all the sweaters one by one and put tights in there. Then I could just open it and then pull the tights out of the small opening. Of course it eventually reached the point where I didn't know what was in there and I kept running out of clean tights. Not useful. I went back to force.
Eventually, after falling on my back one day with the drawer still f…