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Note To Self:

I am not a tattoo kind of person. Firstly, I cannot imagine spending money on something that I can't change, and secondly, while I'm sure they look great on people with plump firm skin, I fear I may turn out to be a saggy old lady with indecipherable wrinkly tattoos. So no "ink' for me.

 But if I did get a tattoo, I would get this:

Because I often forget. And I fear it is often at the root of so much of my children's, my husband's and my own often indecipherable behaviour.

It is hard, because I am a pretty gutsy person. I like change, I like a challenge. I get bored VERY easily and like to flit from one new thing to the other. Hell for me is being stuck in one place, doing one thing.
But my hell is someone else's heaven. Some people like consistency, the familiar, stability.

Anything unpredictable makes them anxious and it is important to be empathetic to this, to understand that very real anxiety about the unknown. 

Because if I remember my high school m…