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Mia Happy: with my Mia Tui Bag for Snumpreneurs

Smumpreneur:Alternative forms: Snompreneur (North American)Etymology: Blend of  special needs mum and entrepreneurNoun: smumpreneur (plural smumpreneurs)(informal) A mother of a special needs child or children, who works as a businessentrepreneur in addition to (and often inspired by) familycommitments
As you might have read on this blog, about 3 years ago I created and launched something called The Grace App, which is a picture communication system I created with, and for, my daughter Grace, who has autism and severely delayed speech. I did it with a really talented App developing wizard called Steve Troughton-Smith, who you may also have read about here.
And totally without planning it, I went from staying at home for the last ten years as a special needs mum to having my own product, my own business and the chance to get out of the house once in a while and get paid to talk. (my husband pays me not to talk)

Todo this I need props,  a lot of props, all of which I used to carry around i…

Lifedge = lifesaver for iPad1

Those of you who have followed this blog over the years may know that we have had from time to time; problems with Liam's behaviour.
When he is in the "red zone" which is what I call it when he is beyond negotiation, he will bite his hands, try to push or grab me or his father (or staff at school) and he really sets out to break stuff. A lot of stuff. I genuinely lost count of the number of mini-dvd players we have had over the years. I think we replaced 3 or 4 laptop keyboards, a memorable process which involved talking to the lovely Salif or Anjoli in Mumbai and pretending that the "enter" key wasn't working, until they agreed to send me a new one. I eventually switched from Dell to Samsung Netbooks and plug in keyboards from the supermarket; much easier to replace!

Now we have iPads and iPhones, the potential for expensive repairs and replacements has increased. And before you judge me, keep in mind that these devices serve an important social and thera…