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Well I did it! 30,000 times so Thank you.

Well, I hit the 30,000 today.

30,000 views of my blog thankyou very much and not all of them were me flicking back and forth editing. So thankyou to all of you who have been so loyal, particularly during my recent hiatus while I tended to the work blog.

I finished my official job on Friday, and while I will continue to volunteer to update the Work Blog, Facebook and Twitter; I will be spending a lot more time over here in Hammieland which includes visiting all your beautiful blogs.

I'm sorry for not visiting and commenting. I must admit I have found it really tough to get the work/life balance thing right. I mean, it's really hard for me to do anything lightly - the other morning I noticed that my hair tongs actually have a choice of settings, and I was confounded by the concept of doing anything to the "minimum".

So I am taking this next month to enjoy summer, while the kids are still in school, and charge my batteries for August which is always the tenth level of hell…

Inclusion Zone

Boo watching Sushi TV in "Yo! we make crappy Sushi but great noodles"
And yes, he did make a grab for gold hello kitty after I took photograph. Staff not impressed but not as bad as the day he played with Ganesha in Mila's.
(Waiter speaking in Apu voice "Please do not play with my god"

Boo absolutely loving the little water taps at each station.
Believe it or not he went for the Tempura crab claws.
Eating the claw then the flesh, but leaving the batter!

Some of you may wonder why I like to put pictures of my kids out and around Dublin; on my blog so often.

It is not, as you may suspect: a really good way to fill a post and get comments on how good looking they both are (true) - but a way of communicating that being out and proud with a pair of very autistic small people is not only possible, but fun!

And while I would like to say it is my way of trying to push the envelope for acceptance of diversity in our society. Truth be told it is just too hard for me to be hous…

It's good to be alive and here

My little lady is on a cycle of waking up at between 3 and 4am, every night. We don't know what causes it so I don't know what to change to fix it.
All I can do is go into her room with my quilt and pillow and lay down beside her and try to encourage her to lie still and go back to sleep.
Ignoring her just leads to an extremely energetic session of bed jumping (note to self: get 3 new slats for bed) and squealing along to Elmo in Grouchland.

Thanks to our recent attic conversion* we rearranged the bedrooms so that Bratski now has the room furthest from everyone else. So I have attempted some control over her behavior as her screaming doesn't have as much power as it did when she was in the box room next to our horrible neighbors.
But there are limits to one's behavioural analysis techniques at 4 o'clock in the morning, and until David Coleman takes up my invitation to sleep over; Going into her room and falling asleep to the sound of Elmo and Huxley, is the "plan&…

This Weekend!

Pouring Rain this weekend. So a lot of fugging around in my dressing gown while Mr Hammie took Bratty to McDonalds, Tesco and then home.

She wanted the beach but the waves are about 6 feet, so I compromised with a swim at the Glenview.

My otter in the baby pool. She can swim in the big pool too.

Then into town for the usual while Bratty stayed with Angel at home.
ebi kare lomen, ebi Katsu x 12 and terriyaki steak soba

And now Bratty has plans for this. She can say it as she points to the picture on the iPhone,
which is very powerful. But it is bucketing down.... so I am prevaricating.

I have been talking about this promotion on my work blog. I would be much obliged if you could share the link or logo via your blogs or tweets. And if you are in Ireland and in the market for a smart phone - well this one is pretty sweet. And ten euros from each one sold goes directly to autism groups around the country. That is every phone sold, whether you get it free on a plan or pay as you go.