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Mé féin ?

A mé féiner is a selfish person, someone who only looks after their own interests and possibly to the detriment of others.

I first heard of "mé féin" at a dinner out with a bunch of girls who all met while trying to improve a little South Dublin Autism School, and ended up becoming great friends in the process.

They were explaining about a local national school where parents had taken legal action to block a sibling enrolment, in order to move themselves further up the list.

So the family concerned now had two kids going to two different schools. Mé féin, Me First. Lovely. (NOT!)

Now my friends are not like this. We always worked together to improve things not only for our kids, but everyone else in the school, and hopefully elsewhere.

So who were these people who would pursue an objective that actually denies others the chance to benefit?
And then I thought about it a bit more and realised they were all around. Recognisable by their absence.

Their absence from …

Why FaceTweet?

It has become almost fashionable recently to put down social media, mostly along the lines of "it's sad that you would want to relate to people online - that you wouldn't stop to talk to in the street"

or that you are somehow how unable to make personal contact and relate to people in person, hard copy face to hard copy face, because you are in someway socially inept.

And these people are often to be seen dipping in and out of said Social media - before pronouncing it all pointless - and in some way inferior. And by association that we who use it happily, are somehow inferior to these social elite.

And to that I say - who cares?

The point is that social media like Blogging, Facebook and Twitter have not replaced traditional communication and socialising, they have enhanced it.

And while I would have been previously limited to only meeting and engaging with people from a narrow common interest circle during the very small window of free time that my life allows me;


Reasons to be cheerful

1. Friends

I have friends in this country that I don't see for 6 months at a time. They don't even text or phone or even email in that time. But when they do appear, usually with 2 bottles of your favourite wine and an offer to buy you dinner, it's like you were never apart. And they get me.

2. More Friends

I have Friends I confide in - in the Four Corners of the World thanks to Blogging. I might not drop in to their "crib" that often lately. But they know where I am and I am grateful to be able to call in whenever and take a break from my real world - when it get too real.

One of these days I want to be able to travel to every one of their cities and meet them personally -
maybe if my little project works out? - Kate, you might have to book me in for a cupcake and a ristretto one day soon.

For now, I will just have to settle for wearing my WendyB Teeny Genie where ever I go.

3. My lovely kids

This is a picture of my lovely Grace - who is doing so well at the m…