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Remind me again why I love you?

My Bratty girl had one of her 2am Fiestas last night. This time she took exception to me having a quilt and followed me from her room to mine while I tried to snuggle up and go back to sleep.
In the end I gave up and came downstairs to read blogs and wait for Mr Melatonin to work his magic upstairs. Better to be learning something than trying to sleep and resenting the small person who was stopping me. She was in a deep sleep again by 4 am so I was able to retire once more.
This morning I paid a visit to Casdok and her blog "Mother of Shrek" to see what other commenters had said after I had read it last night. And then for a change I decided to read her other blog "Faces of Autism" . I'm so glad as it is full of photographs of children and young adults who are on the spectrum, with testimonials from the people who love them.
These testimonials celebrate what makes their child special, why difference is not something to be hated or feared (a constant theme of Casdo…

Shameless Filler Post; Busy Hammie!

Sorry for the temporary absence but I have been madly busy with my paid job; the website,Autism Affinity and the Recycle Your Phone initiative.

Boo however has been blogging so you can check out his latest post here.

Boo blogging on his desk= my legs! I have also set up an alternative blog that is purely for Auties and Aspies and the people who care about them: Irish Autism Action Blog. So if you have a blog or you know of someone who has one, please get in touch so I can put them on my blogroll. Sorry for the shameless filler post. I do have something very serious I want to write about, but I have to sleep sometime!xx

Step 4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Wow. I have actually been thinking about this recently, after seeing Stephen Fry's visit to New Orleans in the excellent travel documentary series he recently made for the BBC.
(yes I know, more travel shows!)

In the third episode he follows the Mississippi, taking a tour of the abandoned neighbourhoods destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, meeting homeless people not living the American Dream, and visits Angola, one of America's most notorious prisons.
And I got to thinking of what we all might be capable of, given the circumstances.

You see, while I would never compare Autism parenting to being homeless or incarcerated, I would have some understanding of the levels of inner strength you have to call on in extraordinary situations. You learn things about yourself that you shouldn't have to. You also clean up more poo and sick than any human being should ever expect to. And you learn to love people who have screamed at you until your ears burst, or kicked you or used your Clarins…

More Blogies

The Delightful Seeker of Searching the Inner Me, Super Kawaii Mama and Cal of Sidenote all gave me some blog awards a few posts ago (quite a few posts ago) and it is my honorable duty to pass them on.

From The Seeker and Super Kawaii Mama
From Cal of Sidenote and The Seeker I will announce the nominees shortly, but first I am going to take the opportunity to say why I love these 3 blogs, right back at them.1. The Seeker: Because she is living quite literally a second life and is blessed to be living it beautifully. She always makes comments on my posts that make me think. And she makes me feel very loved when I need it.2. Super Kawaii Mama: Who could single handedly be responsible for the downturn in velour leisure wear and jeans for stay at home mums. If it is true to say that you should dress for the job you want, then I owe this lady a commission for getting me back into the workforce as a "creative" but respected communicator. You don't have to be rich, you don'…

Love you anyway

It’s so incredibly hard to love you
But I love you anyway

And every time I try too hard not to love you; I love you anyway

Have you ever been trying to "give out loads" to a child for some recurring misdemeanor only to find yourself being shmoozed?

Boo has an extremely annoying habit of chewing keys off his laptop, and it happened 3 times in one day last week. I was apoplectic as there are only so many times you can ring Dell-hi to go through the whole "my enter key is sticking" process and get them to send out a new keyboard.
And the third key he damaged was on Bratty's laptop; after the 3 of us had gone for our walk while an Angel watched the Boo.

So was pretty durned angry. I am not a smacker. But I do give out quite a telling off when Boo has done the wrong thing.
I had brought him up to his room for a "Time Out" and removed privileges like his mini- DVD. You see, Everything in our house gets broken! It can be extremely frustrating and expensive too. I was…

Recycle Your old Phone

Keith Duffy of Boyzone

With Boo and Bratty