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Letter to the Editor - With Love

Dear Sir
I would like to offer to write a detailed response to the Examiner'sFeelgood article of 3rd February which was published with respect to the role of the author as a "parenting expert' and the subsequent editorial response which said that he had a right to an "opinion."
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As the first article clearly set out to influence through the authors noted 'expertise' and made reference to a soon to be published book; I think it is only fair to give a right of detailed reply to someone who has spent 14 years studying autism parenting first hand, who has written thousands of words on the topic of day to day life with autism and who has made it their lifes work to give people with autism the ability to communicate independently.
I am talking about myself of course. As the creator of the Grace App for autism- a means by which a person with a speech disability can communi…