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Personal Business

Well folks, it is only a matter of time before the next stage of Gracie's development as a Lay-dee begins. First, a little music to set the scene:

And we have only just begun..
to see the mood swings, a lot of crying for no reason that we cannot console. We also have the change in body shape and um, please click away if you are easily freaked out but..things are growing.

Luckily for me, I have had the support of the Saplings Educational Director, Supervisor and some very dedicated tutors to get me through this next step.
Grace has actually been following an ABA Task Analysis of a "Pre Menstruation" program for over a year now. There was an unfortunate gap when the Department of Education and Skills.. *coughs* ...took over our school and Gracie's personal care program was literally, sent home..

But I got some good advice and with the backing of EPSEN and the NCSE booklet on my rights regarding the implementation of an existing Individual Education Plan, I got the pro…

The Boo Files

28th July 2009. Second Year in Saplings. Sportsday

 Glenroe Farm, 2008
 Dublin Zoo 2008?
 Brisbane 1999
 Ballarat 2010
 Singapore Zoo 2010

Hamleys Dundrum, Irish Autism Action Fundraiser 2008/9
Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2009  O2 Grafton Street Samsung Autism Fundraiser 2009 (From when I did promotions and Social Media for Autism Ireland)
 Hamleys Triceritops 2009
 Devils Glen, Wicklow

Mao Dundrum  Army Soldier Facepaint by Hamleys Girls in Dundrum

Product Review time - Boy meets G-form X-Protect iPhone 4/4s cover from Zismo

This week I tried out an alternative to the Otterbox Defender iPhone cover which I have been in love with since I first bought one 2 years ago. After 15 different types of case, and 3 very expensive repairs of 1, Glass screen 2, inner LCD screen and 3, BOTH (Liam was acting out the scene from Phone Booth where Colin Farrell smashes the handset of the phone)

I finally had a case that could be literally thrown down the stairs (and has been)

So I was intrigued to see this the link to this video on the Zismo Facebook Page 

"The folks at G-Form have brought the fury once more with a brand new case for Apple devices with a death-defying test in the hockey arena......blah blah blah...
These slim and lightweight cases act like armor to safeguard your iPhone when you need it most by momentarily stiffening to absorb over 90% of the force from an impact, and then immediately returning to their natural flexible state
This case is being released in two forms, the first being the X Protect…