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Political animals or what I learned about the real world from being a Stay at Home Special Mum... Part II

If you missed Part I click here,

So; as I was saying, somewhere in the universe there was a gap, and suddenly there was an equal gap in my headspace where all my worries about my kids used to be.

Not only did I still have all the energy and ideas and, let's face it obsessive hyperactivity, I also had more sleep, more love (happier children = happier relationships) and thanks to the blogging world (That means YOU) more self-confidence.

You see, I have never been a passive worrier. I will stop eating properly, lose sleep, clean the house and "fix" things, (fix meaning drill a lot of holes) move furniture and, in the past, run up incredible store card debts. But you will never catch me staring at a wall doing nothing.

I often think it would have been better if I smoked at the time of the kids arrival and diagnosis because I could have done that obsessively, instead of all the above. You can give up smoking when you are happy. The bad breath, dirty ashtrays and yellow teeth wil…

political animals or what I learned about the real world in ten years of being a stay at home mum

If you had asked me this time last year if I would ever go back to paid work I would have said no.

I was comfortable being a stay at home special mum, I had more than enough to keep me occupied mentally with the kid's educational and therapeutic needs, and I actively sought out and made social contacts with other Mums.

I was involved very heavily in campaigning for improved services for kids with autism and I worked actively in my school community to raise funds and negotiate for these.

I also blogged quite a bit, keeping my brain active but open to other thoughts and views from all over the world.

Financially, the tax breaks and carer's allowance we got for being "just poor enough" to qualify made it almost viable; I just needed to maintain a close personal friendship with the credit union to juggle things around each month, and my thrift habit was based on need as well as want.

But cometh the hour, cometh the offer.

I had first one, then the other child accepted by a ful…

Holiday Repeats or; A Second Chance to enjoy....

Because this is "the silly season" and I am off on my holidays for the next 3 weeks to a world without broadband (imagine) - I will not be able to blog regularly.I've lined up some repeat posts for you. This is a summer tradition in Australian Television as everyone has better things to do, all the good shows go on hiatus and show repeats.(a year round tradition in cable t.v!) So, I am giving you the chance to enjoy these posts for a second time. I will still be able to read comments as I switch on the iPhone every couple of days, so keep the love and encouragement coming, I need it!First up is Episode 33, First published in March 2008:"Excuse Me I think You Dropped Something" or "The one where Hammie fecks up and no one is around to help"
Excuse me, I think you dropped something?

I want to talk about the cult of special needs parenting and motherhood particularly, because I have recently come to understand the danger of doing everything yourself and b…

Another Beautiful Blogger

To K-Line I have been moved to bring this award out of semi-retirement by what can only be described as the best post of the year: "Cue Cleavage", along with it's sister post "Size Doesn't matter" These posts combined all the good things I have learned about blogging in the last 12 months: There was Self Esteem, Making the Most of your Assets, An Appreciation of Diversity, along with a good dose of Fashion Advice and technical support (literally). And to keep all our viewers happy, there were also some pretty pictures of lingerie, to excite both the feminine appreciation of pretty things, and the heterosexual male or lesbitious appreciation of Boobies and more.... K-line is ALWAYS a skillful blogger, in that very female - "I am so good at this you can't even appreciate how hard it is" - way that working mothers often have. Well I know how bloody hard it is. You only have to look at the Hesperus-like wreck of this blog to see what can happen when …

Me and my new Beau

Pat Kenny, host of The Late Late Show and Yours Truly I wasn't fast enough to get down to the Stage and pose with the Boyz, but Pat being a consummate professional let Mr Hammie take my photo with the iPhone. I had a brilliant night. The Boyz performed 7 songs and I was in the back row so I was up dancing and my hands are sore from clapping, my voice hoarse from whooping and hollerin'. Oh my god, I think I am a 40 year old groupie, in Wolford Tights, and Kurt Geiger Mary-Janes. Our Skater didn't win, :( But he was a real honey and I think we will see even greater things from the lovely Brian Ormond. I got to meet him too but that photo needs serious photo-shopping so will post it on the other blog tomorrow. My dress was absolutely fab-ou-lous so I will put it on again tomorrow and make Mr Hammie take my photo again while I still have my good hair on. NEWSFLASH!! I have freebies to give away for Festivus; Some iPod and iPhone cover thingies that we got in the goody bag and a c…

My Christmas Plans

Have just posted on the other blog my plans to follow my own christmas traditions and avoid last years debacle. The other blog is suffering from Commentarexia; Would you be so kind as to visit and let me know what you think? And if I don't hear from you again; Happy FESTIVUS!!! May we all support The Human Fund, this year. xx

All's Fair

Brian Ormond and Merlin

Friday night saw the launch of a week of Celebrity Skating for Charity, I wrote about it already here and here.

For the next 5 days, 4 Irish Celebrities will be taught to skate by professionals culminating in a skate off at the RDS on Friday 19th, to be judged by non other than Boyzone, who I wrote about here, with some fondness. (okay gushing sycopancy then)

The four competing charities are; Children First, Special Olympics Ireland, Down Syndrome Ireland and my own Irish Autism Action.

Every charity has a sponsor who has donated €15,000 already, and the winner will receive an additional €15K.

For Irish Autism this will go to the National Projects like the Diagnostic and Support Centre; Solas.

Solas was established in 2007 as a result of fundraising and O2's corporate sponsorship, and offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary diagnosis within 3 months of referral.

The waiting list for a state provided diagnosis is a minium of 2 years. Minimum.
It is much longer in T…

It was Eleven Years ago Today

Happy Birthday Mr Boo!Love Mammy, Daddy and Bratty.xxoo

We're here, We're Weird, We don't want any more bears.....

The above misquote comes from an episode of the Simpsons "Much Apu About Nothing".
After a single bear wanders into town, Homer stirs up the government to provide a "bear patrol" to rid the town of bears. On their protest march to the town hall Homer chants "We're here, we're queer, we don't want anymore bears" when Lenny asks if Homer came up with it Homer claims "Oh, I heard it at the mustache parade they have every year."

The excellent Charlie Wolf who sang this song on Youtube recently has designed these T-shirts in the name of reclaiming and raising autism awareness. I saw them today on Sister Wolf's heroic Blog.

What do you think? (click on the image to embiggen it)

Charlie Wolf, 15, is a high school student who lives in California and has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.
He is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, accordion, and harmonica.

Charlie also designs websites, and is producing his second CD of original music…

It's Better....

As you can see I have changed my layout. Might play around with a few different ones over the next few weeks. Let me know what you think. (please) Do you think it's Better?

I have also been updating The Other Blog

with photos of Boyzone at The Keith Duffy Masquerade Ball, held last night.

Where Ms Hammie was shaking her 40 year old groove thang in the front row of the free concert given by Boyzone last night.

Keith, Ronan and Mikey

No pictures of me, I was holding the Iphone.

I still love Keith obviously, but am a bit smitten with the lovely Stephen now too as he put on quite a show, and yes, at times made me feel like he was singing to me.

Okay, I understand that he is spoken for, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't go out shopping and dining and dancing together.
Oh, and I managed to give Ronan a kiss on the way out....
More later. Come on! I was up until 3am!!
Cannot embed the Youtube video yet, just click on Better and watch it yourself. Ahhhhhhhh. He's lovely.

M M M! mmarvellous reasons to laugh; daily.

This made Bratty and me laugh today

Well she actually laughed more when I did the M M M! for her. And all this made me laugh:

Putting Boo to bed, his bedtime routine which starts with "Goodnight Sleeptight, Have a good dream, hope it comes true. What are you going to dream about?"

His answer: "Dream about days" (as usual)
"With Sky Movies" and then "Simpson's Boxed set Season 7"

Be Aspirational.

Bratty was "working it" in the middle of the kitchen imitating the Wiggles "Rockabye your Bear" dance to get a Jelly teddy. Then rejected a Green jelly teddy saying
"I - Want - Pink!".

Daddy got to eat the green ones. (don't blame her, green jellies have a taint)

Bratty standing at the bottom of the last hill in Crone Woods as we continued to climb and she felt she had gone far enough. Embiggen it and you can see she actually had her legs crossed in a faux casual pose.

In the end she gave up and ran up the hill but came straig…