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Head Space - with Smart Storage

Update: August 2014
I looked up this old post because I've been thinking about getting some more "Smart Storage" and I wanted to send the link to them.

I was very amused to find the post was dated in August too. (August is the longest non-school month in the Northern Hemisphere) 

What is it about staying home with kids for the summer that inspires us to want to organise our home and possessions?

For me its about control. When life feels a bit messy, it helps to get a grip on what you can control. I've noticed that my kids become most rigid in their behavior when there is an aspect of life that they find challenging, like a change of classroom or teacher in school. I know I consciously look things to move and tidy in my home, when what I really need to tidy is my brain. This year I sorted Liam's massive video and DVD collection on to home made shelves in the attic.

And it works. Those neatly stacked shelves are a metaphor for the re-organisation of my work/life balanc…