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Do the Right Thing; “Va' dove ti porta il cuore”

I have been mulling over this post for about 4 weeks now, just as I have been mulling over my next step in the campaign for good over okay

Or, as you fashion folk might understand it:
The Couture Intervention vs "One Size Fits All".

And the delay in transmission has come as a result of exactly what pulls us back from the campaign; Real Life.

Because when things get tough at home, I have learned to pull up the draw bridge and concentrate on what is happening between our walls. To not let anything else drain my energy away. But I learned this the hard way, because time and time again, I have burnt myself trying to "do the right thing".

You see, I feel a strong commitment to my "community" and I always feel that if I can help, if I have the skills, then I should. I also feel, often times that if I don't do it, no one will.
I would feel this irresistible pull to volunteer to help out, to turn up at a meeting or a presentation, even if it was putting unreasonabl…

Am I Worth it?

Lately I've been following a few discussions on my "mentor" fashion blogs like Super Kawaii Mama, Skylark and Already Pretty, and I say discussions, because the comments have been as fruitful as the posts.

These girls have been talking about why when you are clever, you have to be daggy or dorky.
or if you are a parent, you have to devote yourself to running around in track pants and god forbid wear heels on the school run.
So, why is it, when you are being the best version of what you are, that you should you feel embarrassed taking good care of yourself? Why should Style preclude Substance?

As some of you know, I am a dedicated fan of Thriftage, my new word for finding wonderful, sometimes designer, but very individual treats in charity shops. I also do a bit of ebay, and end of season sales shopping, and Outlet stores but only for things that look individual.

I like wearing these outfits to lunch, and dinner with Mr Hammie and the regular Mummies' Nights Out I have wit…

These are a few of my favourite things: Hammie the Fashion Blog, Part 1

Well folks, I am totally fed up with autism so I decided to do a couple of fashion posts; just until I get my mojo back.

May I say: Respect to all of you who do this daily! I finally appreciate how difficult it is!

Firstly, I had to wait until Bratty was out as it involved "moving things" (ie. shoes and clothes) Then I had to get the light right, and the angles and back drops. I had a good digital camera but I donated it to the school so I had to borrow Mr Hammie's blackberry because it has a flash, and teach myself to use it and well, humph. What a lot of work you gals and guy do each time you do a post!

My first efforts are terrible. But I really really love these clothes so I will try and make up for it by telling a little story for each piece.

These are my "Carrie" shoes. I know she never wore kitten heels in any episodes, it is just how they make me feel. I got them for a wedding, but have ended up wearing them with Khaki capri pants and 3/4 length skinny…

Thankyou, for the hits and more....

Firstly, Happy 10,000th hit to me! I tried so hard not to check it today (so it wouldnt be me) and got lost somewhere between 9971 and 10,003. Whoever was 10,000th there is 10K in a brown envelope....
No sorry, but if you were 10,000th, a packet of Tim Tams is on their way to you if you leave a comment.

I would like to thank most sincerely my loyal readers and all of the fascinating, funny, intelligent and very very pretty blogs that I have on my blog list, whom I know send me hits via their mountain of readers. Of course, it's not just about hits, but about the spread of awareness. So next time one of us Autie Mums (or Dads) is struggling to get on a bus; maybe one of you will be there to help out, Because YOU KNOW what autism is.

I also want to thank my blogrollers for the company these long wet "summer" holidays.
Having kids with high needs really means not going anywhere most days. Having Bratty playing the Diva for the last 4 weeks has limited even our usual outings to …

Who is medicated?

I chanced upon a post by the excellent Kristina Chew today, that referred to her son Charlie taking his Medicationso I quickly clicked on to the link and found out that Charlie is on the same meds as Bratty.
And I felt validated.
You see, I always feel a bit guilty about Bratty's medication. When a parent is having trouble with sleep issues especially, I want to try to help and recommend things we tried that might work for them. But the truth is, we didn't really get a good night sleep until Bratty started on medication, this time last year.
The short story is that she was no longer herself. Her anxiety, frustration and obsessive compulsive behaviours had become so intolerable that we were in danger of breaking down as a family. And when she was angry she got violent. We were living in fear of her getting upset and it was horrendous. A very big part of the problem was communication. She didn't have the words to describe what her problem was (usually something to do with chang…

News from the Wicked Woman

That's me by the way. A bit of a slack blogger but I will make it up to you as soon as the babies go back to school.
They are both doing special needs swim camp this week. 45 minutes a day of 1-1 swimming lessons in a lovely pool. They have a few other auties and some kids with Downs in their group and Bratty has been enjoying socialising at the end of class. They play ring-a-rosies at playtime and the more social kids are giving her eye contact and pretty much demanding she interact with them. And she loves it.

And of course the D.S. kids are remembering names, saying hello and goodbye and generally reminding me that not all kids ignore you while reciting the script of Marg Vs The Monorail.........

That is Boo's painting of the monorail.

Bratty is more social than Boo, but because of her needs she rarely gets to mix with any other kids.
Goal for the new year; get a few play dates for Bratty.

Boo has been improving his swimming everyday too, and has the same teacher as this tim…

Down with that sort of thing

I am only going to make oblique references to a new film being released at the end of this month, starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jnr, because I don't want to feed it the oxygen of publicity that a controversial film gets.

Nick on Downsdad and Kristina Chew on Autism Vox have covered this issue admirably and I will only add that you should perhaps check out this Youtube Clip.

Sadly, my own son has been talking about this dreadful movie for weeks. He is a regular reader of the Dreamworks website and like Madagascar II ; he knows this film is Coming to Cinemas Everywhere Soon. Fortunately he has not quoted any lines from the trailers. And now that they have been deleted, I am hoping he won't.

Because that is the problem. Like Zoolander before it, this film is bound to lead to quoteamania.
"Blue Steele" (do the face)
"Mer-man! *keh... keh... keh...* MER-MAN!"
"Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty"

or ho…

Caution: Woman on the Edge.....

This is what one of my teenage angels says I should have as a bumper sticker.

This young one is the third of 3 sisters who have been helping us out for years.
She is fantastic to have around, tells me all about "emos" and of course everything is "totally random" and the kids adore her.
But, she tends to help me more during school holidays and that is when she told me I should get that bumper sticker.
I think I was road raging some poor hapless human being who tried to scoot into a parking space outside McDonalds. Poor guy thought he could get away with it, even though I had clearly indicated that I was intending to park there. He thought he could tough it out, little lady in a crappy chick car (1 litre engine, Hammie does not spend good shoe money on Gas!)
Even when I explained that the little flashing light on the back of my car wasn't for Christmas; but an IN-DI-CATOR. I also explained that I had 2 special needs kids and I did not want to have to drive around…


That is the sound of my house at the moment. We are at the end of week 2 of 4 weeks of school holidays and I am a little edgy. Downstairs it is "Marmeee! where are you?" And "Clean it, CLEAN IT, clean the DVD!" (covered in smudgey gunky finger prints they freeze and won't play)

And upstairs it is ear splitting screams and squeals as Bratty goes from enjoying a video of Teletubbies obsessively, to complaining when the screen goes snowy as the tape begins to wear out.
Then she starts the little tarantella dance on the wooden floorboards that keep my anxiety levels nice and high. I am thinking of developing a twitch, just to use up the adrenaline.

Yes, the thought has occured that we need to get rid of all the electronic entertainment but what would they do then? I can only entertain one child at a time. And cutbacks mean that we do not have our daily help that we used to get in the holidays. Just our afternoon angel who gives me a chance to take one child out at a …

How to Taste Wine: The unedited version

When I wrote this post originally, I did my usual little bit of soul searching and raked over my past experiences. Then I edited it all out. If you want to stick with the slimline version click here

But if you want to learn more about me, and how I came to have this particular understanding of how our senses affect our reality, read on.

In my life before children I was variously a Dental nurse, Barmaid, Waitress,(really bad, spilt stuff but I was nice so I still got good tips) Shopgirl, Homewares and Fashion Wholesale Rep' and then
A wine rep'.

It wasn't a huge leap. I was flying back from Ireland to Aus in the mid-nineties. Dreading having to go back to work and convince people that the new black was aubergine, working two seasons ahead so that by the time fashion actually reached the season that I was wearing; I was over it.

And as the Internet was starting to really catch on, the fashion cheats I worked for were getting caught out and left behind. Going on junkets to the USA…