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Get down on it

A couple of threads knitted together for me today. I have been responding to a number of "Why do they do this?" type queries on the Facebook page for Irish Autism, along with helping someone else to secure the help they know their kid really needs, and helping to celebrate something significant and wonderful for another parent - something that the normies wouldn't really "get".

I was also reading yet another one of these "Autism is an epidemic, we must prevent it/find a cure" type of posts too. That always gets my goat.

And I couldn't help but wonder.....

Could it be said that the kids whose parents have acceptance, tend to have better outcomes  than the kids whose parents get stuck on the denial-blame-curebie setting?

Of course, to accurately compare this you would need to set parameters of just what is a "better outcome".
And it would be very subjective as the "Acceptors" would be noticing and recording little things like:

Soldier of Good Fortune

From The Iron Giant (1999)
General Rogard: You realize how much hardware I brought out here? You just blew millions of Uncle Sam's dollars out of your butt! 

This is Boo practicing his Halloween Costume for tomorrow's school Halloween dress-up and party.
He made a late switch from Woody (from Toy Story) after the girls from Hamleys painted his face in camoflage on Sunday in Dundrum - Woody doesn't wear make up see?

Hamleys Girls Offering Face Painting as part of as the Centre's fundraising activities supporting the Marie Keating Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This was a relief as I have a rule that I only do home-made costumes and the cowboy boots with a cow hide waistcoat were proving difficult to source.

Whereas combat pants, a safari style shirt and camo-raincoat came to €15 in Enable Ireland.

General Rogard is a "Baddie" according to Boo. So appropriate for a Halloween costume and during my Wiki search I found he has the best lines too.

And tho…

To Stephen Gately. We will miss you. xx

We are very sad to hear the news of Stephen Gately's passing today.

I met Stephen  and watched him perform a live concert with Boyzone for my charity; Irish Autism Action and my kid's school; Saplings Rathfarnham,
at The Keith Duffy Masked Ball in December 2008

It was a difficult economic time. The banks were in trouble, companies were going to the wall and no one wanted to be seen spending money. But the promise of a Boyzone concert ensured we sold all our tables and helped keep my kids'school going for another year.
All the Boyz and their families were there for the dinner and auction, just one table away from ours.

I think at one stage they were bidding against each other in the Auction to get the prices up.

And Boy did they put on a fantastic show at the end.

As sad as this is for all of us, our heartfelt condolences must go to his husband, his family and dear friends.
Stephen, may your spirit be in a good place. Thank you for the good you brought to the world.
We wil…

Working Girl

Sorry for the recent hiatus but I am back workin' on the irishautismaction blog, social media AND my secret project.
I would love to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. So here is a hint:

But I promise I will be back soon