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Niamh's Legacy

In the next few days I am going to write a long article about Niamh Cadogan. At the moment it hurts too much to think about it for too long. I have been looking at her emails she sent me, which included a lot of photos and this one just made me smile. I think we were both trying to get Liam to look at the camera and say "cheese" and he just kept on saying "Camembert" in his deep teenage voice and playing with the iPad.

This was the day she came to Dublin with the Munster Lions Club for the judging of the All Ireland Lions Club Youth Ambassador. I brought her 2 props; one was my giant "iFoam" with the Grace App on it and the other was Liam, my 14 year old son who sat and played with the iPad while Niamh and I chatted to William from the Lions club and her mum Jean.

While I adore and cherish both my autistic children; if I ever get a bit of time off I have to confess that the very last thing I want to do is meet other people's autistic children.

Niamh Cadogan

22nd June 1994 - 19th March 2012

What is your A-number?

Guest post from my lovely friend Taz who used to blog at tazzymania about her experience with adopting twice! and how her lovely little boy Button; just happens to also have autism. Taz is the epitome of Love Stretches - her love for her kids goes twice around the world; and I believe she is planning to go again.

Taz and I agree on how us Autism Mammies tend to have a little touch of the bug ourselves. And we think it is a power for good. She kindly agreed to do the Dr Simon Baron Cohen tests online - to assess ones Empathy, Systemizing and Autism potential. Or as I like to call it, "Whether you should choose the furniture in the flat-pack store, or assemble it" I will disclose my scores at the end. Thanks so much Taz. I am so proud to know you. xx

"Before I get started on this blog, I feel you should know something about me. I love tests! Not
exams, but tests. The ones where the results don’t really matter. In my teenage years the first page
I turned to in my Jackie or J…