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Farewell, my sister

Claire - By Gabrielle Clark. Twin sister of Claire, little sister of Michelle and me.

Generous, big hearted, loyal and loving.

Born two minutes after me, I never let Claire forget I was the big sister.

As little girls, known as “the twins” we were told apart by wearing a ‘C’ for Claire and a ‘G’ for Gabrielle on our jumpers. We looked alike and sounded the same. Dad even put large orange homemade C and G stickers on our Rosebank stack hats.

As toddlers, we shared our own “twinny” language that no one else understood.
I remember Michelle and Lisa putting us in separate rooms to test our “Twin ESP” – they’d tickle one of our feet and the other’s toes would curl up. We never lost that connection.

We grew up riding horses, building stuff with Dad and riding bikes. We started with our matching BMXs and later had matching racing bikes. We still had our C and G Stackhats and to our disappointment, Dad added orange reflective safety flags. Fortunately they broke not long after.

We were outd…

Praise You Claire.

My youngest sister died last month very suddenly. We are all still trying to come to terms with it. I am not telling you because I want to hear your condolences or be hugged in public. I am telling you because if I don't say anything, you might just say the wrong thing and feel bad about it later.

3 very good friends sent flowers and wine - that was perfect. Some other good friends are leaving me alone while offering a shoulder when I want it, I appreciate their kindness. The discreet cards are nice too.

This is a time for family and privacy. So thanks in advance for respecting that. One of my other sisters wrote a beautiful and very funny celebration of her life and I will post that up soon. All I will say is that Claire was always so proud of her sisters and shared and supported our achievements liberally. This was one of her favourite most played songs on her iTunes account. We played it at her service.