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Gone Swimmin'

Liam and I are off to Nerja on Monday. May do a little photo-blogging from the Balcon de Europa Hotel where we get free wifi, while sipping a glass of Rose and eating La aceituna.

It is just Liam and Me. We are flying Ryan Air for the first time ever. It will be very hot. But I have a feeling that once we get there it will be grand. Just got to get there...

So Sorry but all product reviews pending will be when we get back and get settled again.


Chat 'n' chew (or not)

Today I am going out with my new purse...

Yep, that's right. I have finally after 18 months found a bag that makes iPad truly mobile. 
Mobile as opposed to just portable.

You see, your average kitchen chair is portable, you can move it from place to place but I don't think you want to wear it down the street. An iPhone or iPod touch in a cover with a lanyard is mobile. It can go everywhere you go (except swimming) so the Communication App you are using to get what you want can go everywhere too. This means that the people around you are going to consistently prompt you to use that App and that consistency promotes independence.

But an iPad? To date I have been unconvinced. Even less convinced when people talk about introducing it as a table top communication device, which gets taken away from the user when that session is over "to keep it safe" !!??!!
How does that person then generalise their new communication skills spontaneously if their device is locked up in a…

Looking into the void.. or How to survive 7 weeks of school holidays when it isn't really summer..with Autism

My kids attend an Evidence Based School which for the last 10 years has been privately managed and partially funded by charitible contributions. This last 12 months, the Department of Education and Skills finally "recognised' the school in order to fully fund it and give our staff some security.
Unfortunately the deal involved compromise and now instead of a time-table that suited the pupils, the school year is mandated by the Teacher's Unions.
So this July, instead of 5 weeks of standard education with an emphasis on social skills and integration we only get 2 weeks of excursions and jollies.

That leaves us with a long Summer to fill...

I know I sound a bit cross about this. But when you go from a place where the entire school system revolved around the needs of the individuals with autism, to something resembling the place we waited years to leave (their previous school) it just breaks your heart.

And yes we do get to apply for our additional 2 weeks mandated July Prov…