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Cancelling Christmas - Guest Post

Guest Post: Mr Hammie Writes.

Thanks to last minute preparations for the Secret Project;  I have been flat out like a lizard drinking working on that, the Work Blog (yes I get paid to blog) and the website/facebook etc etc. 

So my other half has paused from his regular trolling, posting on and Facebook to step in and keep the blog fires burning. 

I haven't posted for H before despite being asked to on many occasions. When I texted her this photo on Sunday, she asked again and so here I go.

Firstly, sorry about the dismal title as it is somewhat at odds with the photo. This is Boo enjoying his coke and crab claws on the sushi train at Yo-Sushi Dundrum.

We had a lovely afternoon together, starting with a walk in the Glen of the Downs, then drove to HMV to buy a DVD and lunch at Yo. He likes to try new things as long as some constants accompany them. The constant here of course is his favourite beverage. He doesn't really get the train idea totally. If he sees som…

It's all in there - we just have to find the right combination.

It's not a puzzle with pieces missing or lost.

It's a high school locker with a combination lock - and we have to find the right sequence to open it up.
Inside we will find the specialty subjects that interest us most, and the ones we find challenging.

But if there is someone there to use the ones we like, the ones we could think about all day long - to make the difficult ones easier, we'll soon catch up.

You might have to learn a bit too - quite a lot to be able to help us.

No one says it's going to be easy, it will be very challenging. But very satisfying.

But just because we know the combination to this one - doesn't mean it will open the next.

Everyone of us is different. Some will open easily, some will take a bit longer, a few more tries.

You might even need to go ask someone else how they did it, and see if it works for you.

But we are all worth it. All we need is the right help.